So let me get this straight… Kanye West rushes the stage when Taylor Swift is accepting her first ever MTV Video Music award and he expects Taylor to defend him in an interview?? He’s an idiot. According to :

“During a surprise performance by Kanye West at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom last night, West lashed out against Swift again.

Here’s what Kanye West had to rant say about her:

“Taylor never came to my defense at any interview, and rode the waves and rode it and rode it.”

She wasn’t riding the waves and trying to get more press from it, Kanye. You did something super f*cked up and had to pay the consequences. She doesn’t owe you a thing. Get over it.


You meet thousands of people, and then you meet one person, and your life is changed forever.

Love and Other Drugs


Oh wow. So cute. Love this.



Oh wow. So cute. Love this.



How old is Jesse McCartney? Am I aloud to think he’s super hot yet?? Here’s his new music video “Shake”. I’m liking the song a lot and the video is hot! I would have loved to be a music video girl in this. 


Oh my god. HOTTNESS. Seriously you must go look at the hottest guys on earth right now. Click link above


ENJOY. so many hotties! jake and jon bon jovi. the HOTTEST.



Julianne Hough at last night’s movie premiere of ‘Burlesque’. I had to do a posting on her because she is looking very different than how she used to. She used to be so young, stunning, and fresh looking…and here she is looking older and like she’s had some work done. She’s only 22! I hope she’s not getting work done. It’s sad what Hollywood can do to a perfectly stunning girl. I’m not saying she looks awful on the red carpet but she is definetely changing for the worse….

pic source: justjared

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