And just like that…

I think I’m bringing ‘Tess Explains It All’ back!!!

My new blog (A Latte Culture) just never took off. I couldnt get motivated. Which is a real bummer because I think I spent like $500 to design that website. *crying emoji*

But something about me and A Latte Culture just never connected. I was basically trying to make fetch happen. And it just wasnt me.

So this little domain just renewed like 12 years later and I thought to myself…. let’s bring back Tess Explains It All!!!

The past decade is all still here… in this little website. Single life, adult life, love life, engaged life… and then it all sorta stopped.

Well guess what…it’s been 4 years since I last posted on this site of mine and A LOT has happened.

I got married, had a baby girl and got divorced.

Yes that’s right folks. My last blog post was about how I had just gotten engaged. And here I am divorced now.

Life can be a funny thing.

I’m sure as I post more… I will talk about it all a little and give life updates. But for now I just wanted to say I’m VERY excited to get this blog up and running again. I’m just going to keep it casual and just post whatever little things are on my mind. Just like I use to.

Make sure to check back in with me soon!!

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