Lindsay Lohan was arrested again last night in NYC after punching some random chick at a nightclub. According to the story, this random chick was all up in her space and she was like “give me space.” and my guess is the girl didn’t give her space, so Lindsay thought she should just punch her.
Lindsay then left the club right after, the cops knew of the fight, pulled her car over and arrested her. She was released from jail this morning.

The girl is CRAY!! Let me break it down for you real quick on why Lindsay is this way. Grew up with two f*cked up parents. Got thrown into Hollywood as a young girl. In her late teens she finally gained fame. Started enjoying her fame, partying w the Hollywood “It” girls. Started doing drugs because that’s what people in Hollywood do. Drugs destroyed her mind and her looks. She tried to make a comeback but with no support from her parents and a messed up head already from everything else…she just doesnt have it in her to make mature and rational decisions.

Why does she still go out to the clubs even after getting into SO much trouble? Because she’s addicted to going out, she’s filling a void and emptiness she has in her life and she’d rather risk going to jail and getting in trouble then sit home bored on a Wednesday night.


Deep breaths everyone. Tonight’s episode of Vampire Diaries is what we have all been waiting for. FINALLY!! Damon and Elena!! FINALLY! Happy happy joy joy!!

Let’s not even discuss the fact of how the stupid writers are trying to ruin our moment by saying it’s a sire bond. Ugh. Luckily someone found a scene of tonight’s hot passionate moment but with all of Caroline’s stupid comments in between cut out. A-mazing.


Oh gosh… Let’s Have A Kiki is a dance!!! A dance we must all learn so we can join in when they play this song in West Hollywood. haha
I’m just finding out more and more about it!! This is amazingggggggg.


Tonight on Glee they performed this song I had never heard of before “Let’s Have A Kiki.” and without even knowing what song they were singing I knew I was watching a fun moment.

So then I googled the real version and discovered it’s a Scissor Sisters song! Watch the video HERE. (It’s even more epic than Glee’s version). How did I miss the kiki train? Now I’m obsessed!!!! Obsessed obsessed. Just take 4 mins out of your day to watch both versions and be in the know.

**Promise to upload a better quality of Glee’s version once it’s posted more on youtube.


So I feel a little like Brendan for posting this but it was just so yummy I had to.
Tonight I made this for dinner – A Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It was a recipe I had found on pinterest. I bought everything from Trader Jos (so freaking easy I don’t even know why I’m telling you how to make it, it’s obvious lol)

But you just put olive oil on the outer parts of the bread, place on pan, then spread the pesto sauce, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, toast both sides and- Bam! Delicious.  


My favorite part of the music video are these shots of Brit. Hot!

Not even kidding you, this was Britney’s face tonight on X-Factor when Khloe Kardashian was introducing the Scream and Shout music video. 
Why is she soooo awkward?!?!! lol lol 


Hooray! A new Britney Spears music video!!! New BSpears videos are probably the top 10 highlights of my life. Even though she’s just featured on’s new single it’s still great to see her in a video.

I was nervous based on clips that she would look tranny-ish but thankfully once I saw the video in full I thought she looked HOT!!! Such a fun new look for her. Watch the video above for Scream and Shout.


hahahahahah Epic.


When I find out a hot, funny guy also has a really good job


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