Well if Justin Timberlake’s face in this picture doesnt scream “We are faking our whole relationship, we’ve actually been broken up for months” …then I don’t know what does.

source: peoplemag.com


Check out the new music video for Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” . I kinda love it. I think she looks super hot in her underwear shots. She looks simple, the way I prefer her to look. But of course she still has those over the top moments that make you go, huh? This video has pretty much everything you could want in a music video. Love!


I really enjoy reading your blog!

Thanks!!! I’m glad!

Yes and yes! I am okay with this.


So. Good.


OMGGGG this movie looks HILARIOUS! “Bad Teacher” staring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. I laughed out loud at the trailer at least 3 times. Can’t wait to see this!! “I wanna sit on his face” hahahhaa Dying.


Loving Jennifer Aniston’s new haircut!! Looks so cute! But then again she’d look great with any hair style. 

source: cocoperez.com


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