OMG Brangelina’s children! 

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Bring Kids Pax, Zahara, Knox, Shiloh, Maddox to Maleficent’s Hollywood Premiere

I think Maddox Jolie-Pitt just realized that being Maddox Jolie-Pitt is going to help him get dates.

Shiloh is wearing lace-up shoes that match the carpet. Some things never change.

Let’s discuss Shiloh…..


I have a few friends that I vent every single detail of my dating life to. Like EVERY panicking thought or stress I have…I tell them.

And they sit there and give me advice and listen to me be dramatic and I’m just super glad I have good friends that will put up with my crazy.


My room …


Complete 180 On Me

So the boy wants to “take things slow”
This is after 2 weeks of hanging out almost every day. Him bringing me flowers on our first date and saying things to me like “So I read this article in a magazine that said couples should tell each other every day two accomplishments they had in a day and one realization.” As I sat there thinking “Ummm, we are doing things that a magazine suggested couples do?? Okayyyyy…”

But no…NOW he wants to take things slow. I’ve gotten advice and opinions from like a million different people. And at this point it could go so many ways. He’s either completely over me and just letting me down gently by not texting me ever and not making plans to hang out ever and telling me he wants to take things slow. Or he’s a typical guy who got freaked out when things got serious too fast so now he’s backing off and figuring out his feelings. Or he’s dating some other girl at the same time and thinks he cant commit to me because he’s also dating her so he needs time to date both of us. Grrrrr….
Meanwhile I’m left sitting here feeling SO confused because his actions did a complete 180 from how it all started.

I may never know what the real reason is. But I’m just giving him space and will continue distracting myself and doing my own thing… and just see what happens. If it’s over… fine. I’ll move on AGAIN. But if he just needs time then I can do that too.

“I don’t understand the appeal of casual. In a world where crazy, deliberate, passionate, whole-hearted, and starry-eyed love exists, why is everyone trying to pretend like they don’t care about each other?”

The Pressure To Be Casual Is Ruining Dating For All Of Us


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