I want this blazer for work.


The role of President Coriolanus Snow from The Hunger Games has been cast!! Donald Sutherland will take on the part of the mean and heartless president of Panem. Nice choice!


As we’ve all heard, Kim Kardashian got engaged to her boyfriend Kris Humphries this past week. Her ring cost 2 million dollars!! Ridiculous. Her ring is huge but I’ll be honest… in photographs I dont think it’s that gorgeous. I’ve seen much prettier rings at a much cheaper price. But that’s Kim. She’s got to be over the top with everything. I just find it too weird that these Kardashian girls are all able to find men who will play along with their little charade and go as far as playing it all out on their tv show. But I guess for the right price and a shot at fame, you can convince anyone to go along with anything.¬†


I had the most real dream I’ve ever had in my life last night. I can’t stop thinking about it because it was SO real. And it was unlike any other dream I’ve ever had. It’s not one of those dreams where you’re watching yourself and it feels like your watching your life. In this dream I couldnt see myself. I was in my brain, feeling and seeing all the things from a first person point of view.

So I looked up what my dream could have meant. I discovered the following:

**To dream that someone is shooting you with a gun, suggests that you are experiencing some confrontation in your waking life. You may be feeling victimized in some situation.

**To dream that you are shot, and are feeling the sensations of dying, denotes that you are to meet unexpected abuse from the ill feelings of friends, but if you escape death by waking, you will be fully reconciled with them later on. To dream that a preacher shoots you, signifies that you will be annoyed by some friend advancing views condemnatory to those entertained by yourself.


Oh gosh I want her hair! 


“From you whose names I will never know, I learned what love is”- #oprah Aww this video gave me CHILLS! Oprah has been on television for as long as I have been alive. Amazing. She is truely one of a kind, and today… her show came to an end. Watch the video above to hear Oprah’s goodbye.


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