Britney Spears’ 4th single will be “Criminal”.


Oh gosh. Looks like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel may be back on! They were seen riding bikes together in Toronoto. I dont know how I feel about this….



2011 MTV Video Music Awards

I have been watching the MTV VMAs since 1998 if I had to guess? I really only remember 2000 when Britney Spears performed with NSync and the pop music obsession for me began.

Well flash forward to over 10 years later and I got the pleasure of going to this years MTV Music Awards! I can’t even express how freaking excited I was. Not only was I going, but I got to stand in the pit! Dreams of me slapping hands with all the different artists as they came down the stage and me getting on television filled my nights of sleep. Unfortunately, none of that happened but that’s ok! It was still an amazing experience. I loved seeing how everything went on behind the scenes. From the stage crew setting up for the next performance while Lady Gaga was presenting Britney Spears with a lifetime achievement awards, watching the back up dancers pump themselves up before going out on stage as they stood right next to me, to the announcer yelling out “30 seconds till show people. 30 seconds. Please get to your seats”.

I pretty much stared at Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Taylor Lautner and Britney Spears during every commercial break. It was just too surreal. See posts below for my comments on the different VMA performances this year.

The opening act of the 2011 VMAs was Lady Gaga and boy did she deliver! Have you ever seen a female artist, who is highly respected in the music industry, dress up as a man and pull it off perfectly? She is a whole new wave of artist. Pop music has changed. It isn’t about looking perfect and stunning like pop music circa 2000. This is amount much much more. 

Her performance was fun, different, entertaining, jaw dropping and weird. And you gotta love Gaga for it. I was standing right below her piano and had the joy of her spraying her beer all over us during the performance. She walked right in front of me to her seat after she sang and she was in FULL ON CHARACTER. Creeped me out. haha


Okay I have to comment on the Jay Z Kanye West performance because I was there live and got to witness this random dude rush the stage. Everything was going amazing and all of a sudden I noticed some dude walking onto the stage. I thought he was just another rap star making a cameo apperance in this song…until 2 security guards came rushing on right infront of Jay Z and took him off stage. Poor Jay Z. Hasn’t that happened to him before at a previous live performance? Everyone always trying to ruin his show. 

The 1iota management came around and told us “huge performance up next! please make sure to put your hands in the air!”

Um duh…it’s freaking Jay Z and Kanye… you don’t need to tell us to act excited. 


Obviously Chris Brown killed it at the VMAs. He always comes thru when it comes to live performances at awards shows. If anything saved his career…it was his ability to put on a damn good show. 
I loved this performance. Even though it was SUPER lame he lip synced the whole thing… it’s okay because he pulled a B Spears and put on a killer performance with the lip syncing. Jay Z’s reaction was the best though. I love that he’s not falling over himself for Chris Brown and pretending like nothing ever happened like every other person in the industry seems to be doing.  


Bruno Mars did an Amy Winehouse tribute at the VMAs. So freaking good! It wasnt that great live..because my view of it was awful..but seeing it now, how it was shown on television, was truly amazing. Amy Winehouse will be missed and remembered forever. 


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