One of my favorite Britney moments. From her documentary “For The Record”

Louize and I laughed about this and watched it over and over again when we first saw it. haha

There is so much to discuss about this NSync performance I dont even know where to begin!!!
This is NSync performing their single “Girlfriend” at the 44th Annual Grammy Awards.

1.) Get thru the first minute of them singing ‘Gone’ and go straight to when Nelly comes out. Pretty sure Kevin Federline is one of Nelly’s back up dancers. For. Real.

2.) The chick dancing with Justin Timberlake is Jenna Dewan! Who later starred in Step Up and became Channing Tatum’s real life wife. Ugh.

3.) Pop music and boy bands were so huge back in 2002 that I remember they used to have NSync’s video ‘Girlfriend’ on BET’s top 10 countdown. Yup… that happened.

4.) This song was the last single NSync ever released 😦


New promo for the new season of Mad Men. Fans have waited a year in a half for a new season and now it’s just around the corner!!


I die.

Yes. I am excited. Mad Men begins March 25th!!!!


Obsessed Obsessed Obsessed. Watch!


Gossip Girl Post!!!

Oh gosh we must discuss!!!! I am so on board with Dan and Blair dating. They are so so so so cute together!! I know there are a million Chuck and Blair fans out there (of course I am one too. Hello Season 4 Episode 2: Most intense Chuck and Blair episode EVER. Has my heart) But I can’t help but admit I enjoy seeing a new fresh relationship.

Chair fans need to relax and just let the writers play out this Dair relationship and I promise…when all is said and done Chuck and Blair will end up together and it will be magical!

Obsessed!! They are perfection!


Awesome moment of the night. lol


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