Why is Regis dressed as Elmo for Halloween??? LOL LOL So random and funny!

UDPATE: Jessica just informed me it’s because they are dressed as Katy Perry and Elmo from the Sesame Street video that got banned. hahahahha


This outfit is sooo random and strange. But on her it looks hot!

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Tonight… unexpectedly I started to cry. I was thinking about a friend of mine I lost 3 years ago today, after he was shot at a Halloween house party. He was the sweetest, kindest guy I knew, and his life was taken far too soon. Even after 3 years, it still hurts.


I am dying with laughter! This is sooo funny! David Beckham pranks a masseuse on the Ellen DeGeneres show. LOL LOL LOL Must watch!


JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE CHEATS ON JESSICA BIEL!! US Weekly is reporting that Justin cheated with Olivia Munn…whoever that is.

“At one point, Olivia did a seductive little dance with Justin,” a source reveals. “Then, while he was dancing, she came up behind him and he held her hand behind his back.”

Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/#ixzz13ZzlntB7

US Weekly is a decent source. Not like it’s coming from Star Magazine or anything. I totally believe it. Let’s hope this makes them break up. But let’s face it…if we were Jessica Biel and Justin was looking us in the face and saying “But baby, these are lies. I swear I didn’t cheat.” we would believe him too and not end things. Who would ever want to end things with Justin??


Check out Justin Bieber and Willow Smith doing the Dougie. Love it!


Whoaaa Justin Timberlake. You don’t look like you’re aging too well. Yucky.

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Okay I totally support this. Jake Gyllenhaal is 29, Taylor Swift is 20, not the end of the world. They would be the cutest couple ever!! And I would die with jealousy.

source: Perezhilton.com 


I bought Taylor Swift’s new album today. I could not WAIT to hear new music from her. She is one artist I truly respect and when I got the chance to see her live at the Staples Center for her Fearless tour…I’m not kidding I cried when she came out. I’ve never felt that way about an artist ever. 

Knowing that her songs were written by her from personal experiences just make the songs more likeable. So here’s my review of her new album -Speak Now.

Back To December- one of my favorite songs on the album. We all know this was written for Taylor Lautner who she dated briefly.  She’s obviously sad about the way she ended things with him. It breaks my heart to hear the lyrics in this song “it turns out freedom aint nothing but missing you, wishing I’d realized what I had when you were mine”

Dear John- I don’t think anyone knew that she and John Mayer had dated. But now we do! haha Anyone can relate to this song because it’s about being so crazy in love with someone and that person makes you so happy one minute and so heart broken the next. “You paint me a blue sky then go back and turn it to rain” 

The Story of Us- also about John Mayer. Even though this song is about her seeing him at the CMT Awards, I love it so much because I’ve been there. When you’re standing in a room with a guy you’ve dated, wondering if he’s thinking of you…both playing this game of ‘I dont care about you anymore’, and all you want to do is run up to them and tell them you love them.

Better Than Revenge- about Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle. LOVE this song. It’s fun and angry, and if I was Camilla I’d be PISSED. But as Taylor says in her lyrics “you might have him but I always get the last word” Girls everywhere wish they could tell their ex’s new girlfriend off. 

I could go on and on about every song on the album, but the point is…every song is amazing. Each song is about a moment in her life when she wished she would have just spoken up in the moment. All real and true feelings. I won’t be listening to anything else for the next few weeks. ❤


Single Girl Story #3

Heard from the boy I dated like 10 months ago last night. It had been almost 5 months since I heard even a peep out of him. Just as any single girl who’s been hurt by a former guy should, I had deleted his phone number from my phone months ago. I didnt want to be tempted to text him or call him and regret it the next day. Also I didnt want to look back at ALL the cute text messages we shared back and forth, so I deleted all of those too. So when I got a text from him last night I had NO clue who it was. I answered with “Sorry, who’s this?” In which he replied his name. Shock, excitement, anger, and butterfiles all came over me at once.

Not one to ever hold a grudge against a guy (which I probably should but I think I’m just too weak or too nice) I wrote him back and kept it casual and friendly. The conversation was quick and nothing to get excited about. But I am left here wondering why after 5 months of nothing, he decided to reach out to me now? Boys are so weird. They are very odd creatures. I will never understand them.

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