Dating is so funny. Like tonight, I’m about to go on a date with a guy I’ve never met and we are going to sit there… talking about our lives… and be completely interested in one another in the moment.

It’s such a funny concept when you think of it. When I’m on a first date the main things that run through my head are: “Is he cute?” “Is his personality normal?” “Is he making me laugh?” “Does he seem interested in me?” If the answer is yes to all those questions then it will be an A+ date!!! And that’s all I can hope for…every time.

If the date is a fail then you just have to walk away from it happy you put yourself out there and hopeful for the next one.

That Awkward Moment….

a cute guy facebook friend requests you and right after you click “accept” you have to hurry and block him from your cat photo album. hahahah FML

The Bachelorette

3 episodes in on the newest season of The Bachelorette and I’m loving it! I gotta make this blog post short and sweet because it’s midnight and I really should go to bed. But I just wanted to state my favorites so far!


MIKEY!!! Everyone knows I love a good bro… and Mikey is a great “bro” for the show. If I was the Bacheorette he’d def end up in my top 3. He’s funny, manly and just plain fun! But because he isn’t your cliche Bachelor type I’m sure Des will give him the boot far too early. Sad! 😦


Ohhh Bryden. Who would have thought? I swear, when I first saw all their bio/casting photos I thought Bryden was one of the worst looking ones. But good Lord, NOW, on the show, he is HOT! Especially on tonight’s episode. He combed his hair off to the side and went from a 8 to a 9! I’m rooting for him.


Seriously, James went from “Who cares about James?” to “Des pick James!!” tonight. We got to see this sweet personal side of him. He showed Des that he’s making a sacrafise by being on the show because he really does want to find love! Even if that means leaving his sick dad at home. “Will you accept this rose?” “Yes if you accept this daisy.” Swoon!
Girls’ hearts everywhere melted.


Drew is HOT and doesn’t get any camera time!!! I think this changes next week but as for now…we need more Drew!

I seriously love so many of the guys she has right now. And side note… Brian’s “girlfriend” was psycho tonight. I’m sure the producers got her all riled up before letting her lose on him but still…the whole scene just made me annoyed.

source: bacheloretteabc

Remember when I was an online cutter? And I would purposely torture myself and stalk my ex’s instagram account and his girlfriend’s account just so I could see how cute and in love they were??

Well about 3 or so months ago (actually I don’t exactly know the time feels like forever ago) I found out that the two of them moved in together and I knew that had to be the end of it. No more online stalking!!! So… I said I would never look again and I haven’t!!! I’m quite proud of myself that it deserves a blog post. I think about it every few days and I get so tempted to just peek and see what the two of them have been up to, but I don’t do it. *slow clap for me*

Me. haha


If you’re married or in a relationship and in your 20s…no need to click on this link and read. But if you are single, you will LOVE this!!

Why You Dont Need To Date In Your Twenties | Elite Daily


I can’t believe it! Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have called it quits. After 3 years of dating they have officially broken up. How saddddd. They were so cute together!! Wonder what happened??

This is sort of good news because Ian is HOT and now he’s back on the market! But I did approve of this couple. Bummer!


Single Girl Story #12

There comes a time in every gal’s life where she is faced with seeing an ex at a bar… with his new girlfriend.

It’s not a moment anyone wishes to go through but sometimes it just happens and you have to face it. So what does one do when such a moment occurs?? Asks her good looking single guy friend to pretend to be her boyfriend, duh!!

I don’t know why in the moment I thought it was a good idea. I just didn’t  want to walk by him and be like “oh hiiii. Here you are with your new girlfriend. That’s cool. I’m here alone, still single.”
It took some persuading to get my guy friend to agree to be my boyfriend. He wanted to do a walk by with just his arm around me and I said “No!! We have to be holding hands! That is official bf gf status.” He replied with “I hate holding hands. I never hold my girlfriend’s hand.” and I said “Well maybe that’s why you’re still single.” Luckily after seeing my distress, he agreed to do a walk by and hold my hand. So off we went…hand in hand… oh so casually to walk by my ex. The first time around, we looked straight ahead and didn’t even look his way. We stopped at the other end of the bar, giggled about it, then waited a few minutes before we walked back.

As we walked back again hand in hand this time the ex and I made eye contact. And I greeted him with a smile and said hello. And I think he gave me a hug? I don’t know, I was so nervous I blacked out. Then he introduced me to his girlfriend and I smiled and shook her hand, Then he introduced himself to my “boyfriend” and they shook hands. And that was it. My pretend boyfriend and I walked way together. Mission accomplished!!!!

Just another day in the tortuous life of a single girl. *sigh*

Yup.This sums it up.


I hate this day. I really really do. And I know there are other things in life that could be worse. And I’m young single and still have hope. But still. Valentines Day sucks!!!!!!!!! I hate it I hate it I hate it. And social media just makes it worse. Can you imagine a day when girls didnt have FB or instagram to show off the flowers they receive? Whatever did they do?!?! Yes I’m bitter…yes when I have a bf and he sends me flowers I will post pics of them on social media…but as of now all I can do is hate on others. Cause I am a big ball of jealousy. Jealousy does not look good on me.

To make matters worse this morning I was browsing thru my instagram and both of the guys I used to date uploaded COLLAGES of them and their new girlfriends. It was only 10am. And this was GUYS doing this. What has the world come to? It felt like daggers to my heart. All I wanted to do was crawl up in a big ball and cry. My friend calls me an online cutter. And she’s probably right. Why torture myself like this?? So I did the best thing I could do and I unfollowed both of them on instagram and I promise to never look back! I know…hold your applause. Youre SO proud of me.

I refuse to look at any social media for the rest of the day. It’s a yucky world out there today. It’s overwhelming and does nothing but make me feel sad alone depressed and single. F*ck Valentines Day.

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