The Bachelorette

3 episodes in on the newest season of The Bachelorette and I’m loving it! I gotta make this blog post short and sweet because it’s midnight and I really should go to bed. But I just wanted to state my favorites so far!


MIKEY!!! Everyone knows I love a good bro… and Mikey is a great “bro” for the show. If I was the Bacheorette he’d def end up in my top 3. He’s funny, manly and just plain fun! But because he isn’t your cliche Bachelor type I’m sure Des will give him the boot far too early. Sad! 😦


Ohhh Bryden. Who would have thought? I swear, when I first saw all their bio/casting photos I thought Bryden was one of the worst looking ones. But good Lord, NOW, on the show, he is HOT! Especially on tonight’s episode. He combed his hair off to the side and went from a 8 to a 9! I’m rooting for him.


Seriously, James went from “Who cares about James?” to “Des pick James!!” tonight. We got to see this sweet personal side of him. He showed Des that he’s making a sacrafise by being on the show because he really does want to find love! Even if that means leaving his sick dad at home. “Will you accept this rose?” “Yes if you accept this daisy.” Swoon!
Girls’ hearts everywhere melted.


Drew is HOT and doesn’t get any camera time!!! I think this changes next week but as for now…we need more Drew!

I seriously love so many of the guys she has right now. And side note… Brian’s “girlfriend” was psycho tonight. I’m sure the producers got her all riled up before letting her lose on him but still…the whole scene just made me annoyed.

source: bacheloretteabc

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