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Kim let Kanye finish, huh?


His + Hers // 05

Still not sure what to wear tonight to your New Years Eve party?  Here’s a couple looks that would be perfect for a special night out! 

Julie’s look is super classic with this little black dress. If you’re going with a LBD, look for one with unique details and a current cut. (Think: What would Kate Middleton pin on Pinterest?) She accents her simple dress with black and gold glam and adds a bright pink lip to add a pop of color. 

Jer hardly wear suits, so when he does he likes to go with something a little less expected. So right now, that’s navy. You’re event will most likely be filled with charcoal and black so navy is a great curve ball. The rest is in the details, most importantly the socks.

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01. Coat  02. Zara Dress  03. Clutch  04. Cocktail Ring  05. Gold Nailpolish 

06. Black Tights  07.  Black Booties  08. Makeup Forever Lipstick

// HIS

01. H&M Navy Suit  02. Cotton Dress Shirt  03. JCrew Tie  04. Pocket Square 

05. Swatch Watch  06. Monogramed Cufflinks  07. Oxfords  08. Socks

Jessica Simpson reveals her baby bump on twitter over the weekend.

What the hell?? How far along is she?? That is already some bump!!


The office right now, during the holidays, is jammed packed with good food. Imagine having over 100 clients and almost all of them give some kind of gift basket to the office. It is out of control! We’ll pretty much have goodies until March. 

Today my boss walked around passing out mini chocolate chip cupcakes. And they tasted like HEAVEN. Seriously…way better than Sprinkles cupcakes. I had two. :-/

Then within 5 minutes he walked around again with another fresh box of pastries and I had this cinnamon soft cookie filled with some kind of amazing cream. It was epic. Orgasm in my mouth! 

If you’ve seen me lately and you’ve thought to yourself “oh boy…Tess has put on a few lbs.” Well this is why. Holidays at the office!! Gah!! See you at the gym January 1st with all the other millions of people. 

Rumor has it that Britney Spears will be fired from her X-Factor gig.

This comes as no surprise to fans and viewers who watched this last season of X-Factor. Britney contributed nothing but one sentence critiques and comments like “that’s amazing” the entire show. Her comments were awkward and she looked uncomfortable the entire time.

Even the legendary Britney Spears couldn’t perform the way her fans, Simon, and X-Factor producers hoped she would. What’s in store next for Britney now that this is over? New music? Acting? Nothing at all? We’ll see!!

UPDATE: Many people are saying: “Britney isn’t getting fired! She was only supposed to do one season!” Uh huhhhh…keep telling yourself that. If she had rocked it she would have definitely been signed on for another season. No question. She just didn’t deliver.


LOL. I die.

Good news!! Home Alone is on tv!! Merry Christmas Eve!!

Christmas Eve 2012

 Sitting on the couch watching Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” concert on DVD followed by her “Speak Now” concert on dvd. I know it’s strange…but that would make me so happy.

Then follow that up with my three favorite holiday movies: Home Alone, Love Actually and The Holiday.

The perfect Christmas eve for sure!!! Doubt any of this will happen though but it’s okay. haha


Christmas When You Were Mine – Taylor Swift

Merry Christmas Eve from Taylor Swift!!! haha

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