Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris dating is the best news I’ve heard all year!!!!!!! I’m obsessed. I can’t get over it. He is so perfect for her. And she’s perfect for him!! Dear Godney, please let them last for at least a year or more!!!!
There’s pics of them cuddling at the Kenny Chesney concert, holding hands, hanging out at Whole Foods. I mean I can’t even handle this!! I haven’t been this excited since Britney and Justin went public.


Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.

Omfg part 4!!


Omfg part 3!!




Omfg part 2!


I’m Like… A Runner Now


I did it! I completed my first ever 10K!! I’m very proud of myself. I finished the 6.2 miles in an hour and 33 minutes. The first mile of the race I felt I was at a great pace and I felt good about how I was doing. But then right at a mile both my shins and calves cramped up and I couldn’t have run more if I wanted to. It sucked. I met up with my girlfriend Emily and we pushed each other the whole rest of the way. We’d walk then after a bit we’d run too. It was definitely a doable pace.
When I crossed the finish line I felt amazing. I had pushed myself and done something new and different and really pushed myself physically and mentally.
After doing my first race Im def open to doing more and keeping the training up.

Pre 10K Thoughts

I’m running my first EVER 10K today!!! And by running I mean I’m walking my first ever 10K. Haha jk. I’m going to try to run as much as I can.
My thoughts include: “it’s so freaking early to be up (5am) , I hate running why am I doing this??, so nervous my legs are going to cramp up too early, it’s only like 6.2 miles. I can totally do this!”
It’s in Santa Cruz and it’s all women only. So I’m sure it’ll be very empowering. I didn’t train as much as I should have. 😦 I would run maybe once or twice a week. And do 2.5 miles max. So today will def be interesting. Luckily I’m with my two best friends and they aren’t looking to beat or make a certain time. So we can run/walk most of it with no pressure.
I’ll let you know how it goes! I am excited to be doing something new and different like this. Woo!




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