Another New Chapter…


I started a new job this week. I barely had any time to write about why I wanted to leave my old job and how that all went down.
The new job I had before was very disappointing. I left my job of 6+ years to try something new and got a job in the accounting department of a talent agency here in Beverly Hills. It sounded like a dream! But it was far from that. I lasted 5 months before I knew I needed to go.
From day 1 things just didn’t seem right. The guy training me barely did any work all day. He’d show me what I was supposed to do, then we’d just sit there for 4 hours doing nothing. He’d amuse himself by watching tv shows on the computer but helloooo I just started at this place. I definitely couldn’t be caught watching tv. A few months into the job I also realized the people in my department were bizarre. Crazy, rude, dramatic and just the worst work ethic. It started to have a pretty strong affect on me emotionally and I was just miserable and unhappy. So luckily I found a new business management firm that was hiring, I applied, interviewed and got the job offer in 2 days. It was amazinggggggg. Couldn’t believe how fast it all happened!!! I gave my 2 weeks notice and it felt SO good to be walking out of there on my last day.
So here I am today. Day 2 of the new job. I’m feeling a little discouraged. Like I’m not connecting with my superior and he thinks I’m an idiot. But I hope I’m just all in my head and I can step up my game in the future. The people I work with are SO nice and helpful so at least I have that going for me. It’s a nice change.
Keep you posted on how it goes! Pray for me that I can do a good job there.

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