Hometown Date

Hometown Date

This weekend I am taking my boyfriend home to meet my family for the first time. He’s met my mom very briefly a few months ago….but this weekend it’ll be much more official. Words can’t even express how nervous I am. And for so many reasons:
1) Ive never had a real adult relationship let alone brought someone home to meet my parents. The last boyfriend they met was when I was a senior in high school (PS I’m 30 now)
2) My parents are a-mazing but a little quirky. I’m just nervous for him to see a closer look at their personalities
3) His parents are driving up and meeting my family too! Oh lord. We are all going out together Friday night and words can’t even express the anxiety I feel.

I know his parents are wonderful and my family is wonderful so I’m SURE it will go very smoothly. I am just so nervous anyway! Wish me luck!

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