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August 2nd, 2009. Clubbing in Los Angeles






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Jimmy Fallon Reunites Saved By The Bell Cast

Saved By The Bell Reunion?!?!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills- Season 5


I tune into reality TV every now and then. I don’t watch a lot and every episode like I used to. But when I do tune in… I have SO many thoughts. And I feel like I have no one to discuss my thoughts with so here I go. I’m just going to blog bullet points of what I’m feeling based on the new season of the RHOBH

– I’m proud of Lisa for being done with Brandi. I like Brandi but I feel last season she really burned Lisa. Lisa was such a good friend to her and Brandi totally tried to sabotage her last season. For no good reason!!
So good for Lisa for being like “um I see your true colors and the type or person you are now, so bye bye. We’re done”

-Brandi needs to realize when you make these friendships and these people let you into their lives and you building a relationship with them, that doesn’t mean that when you find new friends you tell everyone your old friend’s deepest secrets and try to make everyone hate them. She did it with Adrienne. Then Lisa, and I bet she does it to Yolanda soon enough.

-Yolanda did this whole bit tonight where her husband , David Foster , comes home from work and she’s dressed in lingerie and making him dinner. I do agree with her, that doing these type of sexy things are important to do for your husband. So they don’t get bored and find some other girl to hook up with. But just the look in his eyes as they sat eating dinner together told me he cheats on her. It’s just a vibe I get when he discussed how he would be out of the country.

Poor women.

New Trailer for GIRLS- Season 4

A new trailer for GIRLS – Season 4 is here and it looks very promising!!!

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Let’s Discuss JC During NSync Reunion

Let's Discuss JC During NSync Reunion

A few things I want to giggle about regarding NSync’s reunion:

Why did JC sing “baby baby baby” at the end?? Is he so desperate to prove his talent that he was trying to show the world that he is just as good as Justin? Or was he just so caught up in the moment he didnt want it to end?? I know I didnt want it to end. It was way too short!!

Yes Joey and Chris have gained a few lbs but at least they were cool enough to show up and dance around. They made all their fans so happy tonight by following through with it.

Lance was just like “hey guys. I’m gay, I’m cool, and comfortable in my own skin now. This performance is easy breezy!” lol Love him.


At Least Rihanna Showed Up

At Least Rihanna Showed Up

I’m so glad Rihanna showed up at the VMAs tonight. She was basically just there to judge everyone and I love her for it.

I think she was super high and just chillin out. lol

source: Jeff Kravitz, Kevin Mazur; Photos: Wire Image, Film Magic


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