Thank You Internet

Funniest photo ever. All the different people posing…hahahah I die. lol lol



Crushes are hard.


The Dark Days

Crazy to think this was just 5 years ago. Dark times. I didn’t think we’d get through it but we did. She has come so far since then. 


Id Rather Be JLo

Ben Affleck recently told the associated press that he felt like “luckiest guy in the world.”

And it got me thinking….would you rather be Ben Afflect… married to Jennifer Garner for years, having babies, living a simple and happy life…

OR would you rather be Jennifer Lopez?? Over the age of 40 and dating a HOT 24 year old backup dancer??? And when I say hot…I mean HOT.

We all thought “Poor JLo” when her and Ben broke up and she ended up marrying Mark Anthony (who is clearly a 5.5). But now that I think about…sounds like she ended up with a far more exciting life. Props girl! You just never know where life will take you.

I wish….

I wish I was away at summer camp right now. Just enjoying summer, knowing as soon as camp was over the new school year would be beginning…

Those were the best summers! The joy of warm weather but also the excitement of going back to school to see everyone again.,gapro,||title||&baseurl=

And that my friends…is the power of Britney Spears.




Best Bachelor Quote Ever

I’m completely obsessed with The Bachelorette this season and there is really only one reason – Jef Holm. One F Jef has stolen my heart through the television and I may never get it back again.

He said the best quote to date from that show (and I’ve been watching the Bachelorette/The Bachelor since high school so I’ve heard them all) when him and Emily were cuddling on their 1-on-1 date. “I want to date you so hard and marry the sh*t out of you.”  Ummm ya. Can’t get cuter than that. The Bachelor is so good about keeping it PG and being very serious and romantic, it’s nice to hear some real humor every once in awhile.

I can tell Emily is falling hard core for Jef. Why? Because he makes her laugh! Genuinely laugh! I dont think men realize just how important this is. And of course on top of that he’s got this great hair, boy-ish charm going on and he’s still mature enough to talk about having babies and getting married. Swoon! I really can’t get enough. 🙂

PS If you want to read my favorite Bachelorette recap blog check it out HERE . It’s a goodie.

PPS  If you want to see Jef Holm’s skateboarding skills w Emily click HERE.


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