The FLAWLESS Jennifer Lopez has released a music video for her new single “Live It Up.”

I love her because she’s what I like to call “old-school pop star.”
She looks normal, stunning, flawless and dances in her videos! Just like my favorite pop artists did back in the day.

You must check it out!


Jennifer Lopez posted this photo on her facebook page of her and BSpears back at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. This was the year Britney performed “Slave 4 U”.

Could you just die at how perfect Brit looks?? Flawless! Still to this day one of my favorite looks on her.


JLo brought the cray to the Golden Globes in this scandelous dress. But I loooooove it. 

source: justjared


JLo and Her New BF

I love them as a couple. They just ooze coolness. Hot hot hot!! 


If someone asked me who I wanted to be when I grow up it would definitely be Jennifer Lopez. Like seriously?!?! Can you be any more flawless?? Her new music video for “Going In” dropped today and once again she looks a-mazing. She’s almost 20 years older than me and has way better abs that I do. Redic. 

I realized as I watched this video that there aren’t a lot of hot, flawless female pop stars right now who can dance, sing and be beautiful. Back in the day we had Britney, Xtina, Jessica Simpson… all hot girls who brought their A-game to every music video. Now female pop stars are all about looking the craziest. And none of them dance! (Well except Gaga but sheesh… her videos are just exhausting to watch) Thankfully JLo is still rocking the right elements. Love her.


Id Rather Be JLo

Ben Affleck recently told the associated press that he felt like “luckiest guy in the world.”

And it got me thinking….would you rather be Ben Afflect… married to Jennifer Garner for years, having babies, living a simple and happy life…

OR would you rather be Jennifer Lopez?? Over the age of 40 and dating a HOT 24 year old backup dancer??? And when I say hot…I mean HOT.

We all thought “Poor JLo” when her and Ben broke up and she ended up marrying Mark Anthony (who is clearly a 5.5). But now that I think about…sounds like she ended up with a far more exciting life. Props girl! You just never know where life will take you.

Oh gosh I want her hair! 


Work it girl. No wonder J-Lo was titled People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person. She is flaw-less!



Mandy and JLo

I really loved Mandy Moore’s dress. It’s different but I think it’s absolutely stunning, and not boring at all.

Jennifer Lopez’s dress was like nothing I had ever seen before. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first but the more I looked at it the more I loved it. Props to her for doing something different and making it work. 


If Jennifer Lopez has cellulite on the backs of her legs, there is no hope for the rest of us.