A New City Can Totally Have an Affect On Your Skin

How Moving To A New City Can Affect Your Skin
Are you moving to a new city or country? While you may want to obsess about paint colors and unpacking, you might not even notice that the move may be affecting your skin. In fact, after you move, you might see rashes, dryness, abnormal sensitivity and increased breakouts or oil.

Gosh… I wish I would have known this could happen when I first moved to LA. I had lived in Nevada my whole life, and always suffered with acne. But when I moved to Los Angeles, my skin reacted the worst I had ever seen it! I got cystic acne all over my cheeks and before I even had time to realize what was happening…the damage was done and now I’m left with terrible acne scars on my face. :-/
It’s not fun friends!! Click the link for more info.

Do You Have Dry Feet??

Cause I sure do….
And I just discovered this on one of my favorite blogs I read and I MUST purchase this and see if it works!!

Speaking of beauty products, I also started using Clinique’s 3-Step Skincare System tonight. It’s only day one so I’ll have to update you with how it goes. But so far my face already feels SUPER soft. I just might end up obsessed…

The first step is the face wash, the second step is the clarifying lotion and the 3rd step is moisturizing gel. Pretty simple. You can read the deets on it here.
I’ll keep you posted!


I started using a new foundation a few weeks ago. It’s Dior – Skin Nude Foundation. It was just a random choice when I found myself in Nordstroms needing foundation and they didn’t carry my usual brand: Make-Up Forever. So I got talked into trying out Dior.

So far I like it a lot. Foundation is my number one priority when it comes to beauty products because of my stupid skin.  It’s a full coverage foundation and I feel it covers up the way I want it to without causing breakouts or fading away fast. I read reviews that the foundation gets clogged and you can’t get it out of the bottle, but so far I have not had this problem. *knock on wood*
Will I buy it again when it runs out? Probably not..I just love my HD Make-Up Forever too much, but this is definitely a good second choice.


Oooo I love both!! Definitely going to get myself the Steve Madden one for summer!!


Top Row: Pink Bag: Cambridge Satchel; Green Bag; Cambridge Satchel; Bottom Row: Pink Bag: Steve Madden; Green Bag: Steve Madden

I’ve had my eye on a bright, loudly colored Cambridge Satchel messenger, cross-body bag for quite some time now. After I saw my blogger gal-pal Mary…

What Courtney Wore: Don’t Shoot the Messenger


Love these sunglasses I want. :-/


My new obsession is Mac’s Fix+Spray.

I bought it about a week ago and I just love it! I spray it on my face when I’m done applying my foundation to hold my makeup in place all day long. I feel like my coverage stays on longer and doesnt rub off. Try it!



for skinny legs so I can look cute in leggings, skinny jeans, pleather pants….all things fall. The look just doesn’t work if you dont have them.

Nothing is more fun than fall fashion.

source: http://awesomebarbieinpink.blogg.se/


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