A New City Can Totally Have an Affect On Your Skin

How Moving To A New City Can Affect Your Skin
Are you moving to a new city or country? While you may want to obsess about paint colors and unpacking, you might not even notice that the move may be affecting your skin. In fact, after you move, you might see rashes, dryness, abnormal sensitivity and increased breakouts or oil.

Gosh… I wish I would have known this could happen when I first moved to LA. I had lived in Nevada my whole life, and always suffered with acne. But when I moved to Los Angeles, my skin reacted the worst I had ever seen it! I got cystic acne all over my cheeks and before I even had time to realize what was happening…the damage was done and now I’m left with terrible acne scars on my face. :-/
It’s not fun friends!! Click the link for more info.

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