12 Relationship Tips

I absolutely loved this post from one of my favorite bloggers. Definitely worth a read.

Snippet:  What to look for in a partner: I once interviewed a psychologist for a column, and I asked him readers’ questions about what to look for in a mate. Without fail, his answer to almost every question was “choose someone kind, choose someone kind.” It was like a broken record, and I was annoyed. But you know what? Being with somebody who is fundamentally kind — to children and waiters and dogs — means that at the end of the day, they will be kind to you.

I completely agree with this. Kindness is so SO important. If you are with someone who has a good heart, everything else can be worked out. That’s why I feel very lucky with Will. He’s respectful to everyone he encounters, he cares about the people in my life just as much as he cares about me. And he loves me so much and is always kind. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but at the end of the day even through the struggles we face I know I’m with a good person who loves me as much as I love him.

Hometown Date

Hometown Date

This weekend I am taking my boyfriend home to meet my family for the first time. He’s met my mom very briefly a few months ago….but this weekend it’ll be much more official. Words can’t even express how nervous I am. And for so many reasons:
1) Ive never had a real adult relationship let alone brought someone home to meet my parents. The last boyfriend they met was when I was a senior in high school (PS I’m 30 now)
2) My parents are a-mazing but a little quirky. I’m just nervous for him to see a closer look at their personalities
3) His parents are driving up and meeting my family too! Oh lord. We are all going out together Friday night and words can’t even express the anxiety I feel.

I know his parents are wonderful and my family is wonderful so I’m SURE it will go very smoothly. I am just so nervous anyway! Wish me luck!

Happy Valetine’s Day!!


This is the first year ever I’ve got to experience Valentine’s Day with someone special. Every year this day would really get me down and depress me. Luckily I always had the love of my friends to remind me how much I am loved and this holiday is stupid and not to feel down. I’m so grateful for all my friends who helped me get thru Single Awareness Day year after year.
And now! FINALLY! I’m sharing the hallmark-made-day of love with a man I love very much.
I hope and wish the rest of my readers are surrounded by love in one way or another. Either by family, friends, significant other or even your pets haha
Love you all! xoxo

The Secret Problems of Other Couples

A Look At Problems Couples Face

I thought this link was a good read today. It’s reassuring to know that all couples have their own problems. I know I’m discovering that my boyfriend and I do.
But it’s all about working together to try to improve and making the effort to work through those problems and make the changes necessary.

Flash Mob!!!

Oh. Em Gee.

This is by far the best birthday of my life!!! Yesterday felt like a dream!!

I officially turned 30 yesterday! And my boyfriend made it so SO special.
I had to work on my birthday which sucked, but I was immediately greeted with flowers at the office! There were 18 long stem red roses. And in the card it read “The other 12 will be at home.”
bday 2

My mom and dad also sent me flowers which were so perfect too 🙂 I was proud of my mom because she had never ordered flowers online before and she managed perfectly all by herself!


Will also had chocolate covered strawberries delivered with a note that read “something you can share with your coworkers.” So thoughtful that one! My coworkers were like “Wowww. What an amazing boyfriend! I’m so impressed.”

After work Will and I had dinner plans which was at a restaurant he was going to surprise me with. I love surprises. 🙂
So after work I raced home to get ready for dinner. I was wearing a new dress Will had bought me specifically to wear on my birthday. It was gold and sequin-cy. The perfect turning 30th b-day dress. He didnt see it when I bought it so it was a fun little surprise for him.

Will got all dressed up in a suit as well and we headed out. Our first stop was at the urban lights at Los Angeles Museum of Art. He knew it was a spot in LA I loved so he thought it’d be fun to go there and take pictures in my new dress. I loved the idea!
We parked and walked up to the lights and I saw a birthday balloon and I remember thinking to myself  “Oh, someone else here must be having a birthday too. Crazy.”


An Ode to my 20s

Wow! Today is my 30th Birthday. As I write the words it barely feels real.


30 used to be my scary age..maybe it still is. But because I feel so happy with where my life is right now at 30…it doesn’t feel so scary after all.

Age really is just a number. It feels like yesterday I turned 21 and even though things have changed, many things have still stayed the same too.

When I look back at my 20’s I’m flooded with amazing memories.  I got to experience: (in no particular order)

  • Moving to a big new city
  • Traveling to New York, Chicago, and Hawaii
  • Online dating…. I did it all. Okcupid, Plenty of Fish, Tinder.
  • Random make-outs on the beach
  • Girls weekends/getaways in Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, Vegas, San Francisco, Temecula
  • Sorority life
  • Graduating college
  • Interning for Ryan Seacrest and blogging all about celebrity news
  • Living in all the different areas of Los Angeles: Hollywood, Culver City, Marina Del Rey
  • Dancing, drinking, partying, making bad decisions
  • Night classes at UCLA and Santa Monica College
  • Watching many  of my close friends get married
  • Making new and long-lasting friendships
  • Crying over heart break
  • Working in accounting/ business management and learning there’s a whole other world out there of super wealthy people
  • Falling in love

I think being in your 20’s is all about finding yourself and turning yourself into the kind of adult human you want to be. ha.
You are thrown into the adult world and there’s still a part of you that wants to have fun and rage but also focus and figure out where you want your life to lead and who you want to become. I definitely worked hard and played hard and feel I was able to keep a good balance.

If my now 30 year-old self could tell my 20 year-old self anything it would probably be “Just enjoy life! Be kind to everyone, have fun, dont cry over boys because they won’t mean anything to you in a few months. And stop thinking that you will never find love. You WILL! Just wait and see! Also, take these next few years to focus on yourself because once you REALLY need to grow up, it may be too late to partake in those fun crazy times. And you will never get those opportunities or moments again.”

Things I’m leaving behind in my 20s:

  • Dating
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Reading “Things You Need to Learn in Your 20s” articles haha
  • Sleeping around with random dudes
  • Not saving money

So there you have it!! Happy 30th Birthday to me! Excited to see what my 30s bring!

My boyfriend reads my blog.

I asked him not to from the moment we started dating. Because I don’t want my current boyfriend reading posts about the past guys I’ve dated. I just don’t find that healthy or necessary. But he found my blog, and read all my posts about a certain ex.

This is kind of like that episode of Sex and the City where Big read’s Carrie’s book and he just wants to sit and talk about all the ways he’s hurt her.  And she’s like “No no! It’s fine! Honestly! I’m fine now!”

Well it’s like that for me only he wants to talk about all my feelings I had for an ex and I want to be like “No really! It’s fine! Those feelings are gone. You are all I care about or see now.  No need to bring up the past!”

No matter what I say or do, I can’t convince him to trust me and to believe that I dont have feelings for anyone else but him.

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