Flash Mob!!!

Oh. Em Gee.

This is by far the best birthday of my life!!! Yesterday felt like a dream!!

I officially turned 30 yesterday! And my boyfriend made it so SO special.
I had to work on my birthday which sucked, but I was immediately greeted with flowers at the office! There were 18 long stem red roses. And in the card it read “The other 12 will be at home.”
bday 2

My mom and dad also sent me flowers which were so perfect too 🙂 I was proud of my mom because she had never ordered flowers online before and she managed perfectly all by herself!


Will also had chocolate covered strawberries delivered with a note that read “something you can share with your coworkers.” So thoughtful that one! My coworkers were like “Wowww. What an amazing boyfriend! I’m so impressed.”

After work Will and I had dinner plans which was at a restaurant he was going to surprise me with. I love surprises. 🙂
So after work I raced home to get ready for dinner. I was wearing a new dress Will had bought me specifically to wear on my birthday. It was gold and sequin-cy. The perfect turning 30th b-day dress. He didnt see it when I bought it so it was a fun little surprise for him.

Will got all dressed up in a suit as well and we headed out. Our first stop was at the urban lights at Los Angeles Museum of Art. He knew it was a spot in LA I loved so he thought it’d be fun to go there and take pictures in my new dress. I loved the idea!
We parked and walked up to the lights and I saw a birthday balloon and I remember thinking to myself  “Oh, someone else here must be having a birthday too. Crazy.”

So there we were! Only like 2 mins getting ready to take pictures and all of a sudden my best friend Olivia pops out of nowhere and she’s standing right in front of us with a go-pro on her head!!
“Do you guys want me to take a picture??” she asks. And I stood there in shock. I couldnt understand why she was there! hahhaha I was laughing and just in shock and basically said “Babe, why is Olivia here? With a gopro on her head?” She took a picture of us and in that moment I heard Taylor Swift’s BLANK SPACE start blasting! And all these girls start running up to me out of different directions and they are handing me balloons!!!

I kid you not…it was the start of a flash mob!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg. A freaking flash mob!!! For me!!!!!!! About 9 girls came out and they were dancing in front of me to Blank Space. I sat there laughing and in so much shock. I couldnt believe it!! Soon after Taylor Swift’s SHAKE IT OFF started playing and the kept on dancing. I looked over and Will had Facetimed my best friend Emily who lives in San Jose and I just started CRYING! I just couldnt believe this was happening. I saw my two good friends Alicia and Jessica walk by and they were there! I was just dyinggggg. It was incredible. It was a really surreal feeling.

bday 4

I have never felt so special in my whole life. Having a flash mob has always been a dream of mine. I fantasized getting proposed to during a flash mob. And there I was…my official 30th birthday and I was getting a flash mob with Taylor Swift songs! Will knows me all too well!! 🙂 I’m not gonna lie, a part of me thought “omg is Will about to propose?” lolol

Afterwards I was just smiling from ear to ear. We took lots of pictures and I was just the happiest I’ve ever been. I just couldn’t believe my amazing loving boyfriend pulled off something so epic without me knowing!!!! He had been planning this since November he told me and I promise you I never even suspected a thing!


After the flash mob I said goodbye to Olivia, Alicia and Jessica and Will and I headed to dinner. Will and I were walking up this street Canon Drive in Beverly Hills and it’s like a whole row of restaurants and I was thinking “Oooo wonder which place he picked??” And he stopped right in front of Maestros steakhouse and goes “this is where we’re eating!”

My mouth dropped open. Another dream of mine because this is a really fancy steakhouse in Beverly Hills. I’ve seen celebrities coming out of it on TMZ and paparazzi waiting outside, and in my mind it always seemed very glam. We got seated at our table and the restaurant was very dark and very loud. I looked around at all the people sitting there having dinner and I couldn’t help but wonder what everyone’s stories are. Are they all rich and famous? Are they just simple nobodies like myself pretending to be someone important? In a restaurant like that, everyone seems to be someone special in my eyes. Silly me. haha

Dinner was amazinggggg. Will and I each ordered a delicious $50+ steak with mashed potatoes and brussell sprouts on the side. Will also had them bring out dessert to surprise me and it said Happy 30th Birthday!


I was in birthday heaven. It was perfection! I felt so happy and so loved and just so special.

I mean? What can I even say?? It was the most amazing birthday of my life. It was like a dream it was so perfect. I felt so happy to be turning 30 and the place I was at in my life. I just can’t believe how lucky I felt 🙂 Will, if you ever read this post, thank you so much for making my birthday so special. I love you with all my heart.

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