Heather Morris On the Red Carpet

And my Best Dressed of the night goes to Heather Morris from Glee! I love her dress, hair, makeup…everything. Just flawless! Who knew she’d be such a stunner on the red carpet? She’s looked great at the Globes and now the SAG Awards too. 


Natalie Portman’s Bump

Much better Natalie Portman! She looks absolutely flawless! I love this dress 10 times more than the pink dress with the red rose she wore to the Globes. Bravo!


Lea is Flat

I love Lea Michele’s hair tonight at the SAG Awards. I thought the dress was gorgeous and she looked great. Only thing I don’t love is the way her chest looks in this dress. It looks more like she has man pecs than breasts. Not flattering. She’s too flat to be showing this much skin. 



This year’s red carpet for the SAG Awards were not very exciting. No one really stood out. The Globes were much more interesting. If I had to pick worst dressed it would, hands down, be for Jenna Fischer. Nothing about this dress is cute. It makes her boobs look saggy, it doesn’t fit right, it looks like something from my grandma’s closet…wait I take that back. My grandma is far too classy to own a piece like this. She basically needs to fire her stylist asap.


Britney is a Bridesmaid!

Britney Spears was a bridesmaid for her assistant Brett’s wedding last week. Wow..how strange. Having Britney Spears as your bridesmaid. From the look of these pictures…Brit wasn’t looking too hot.

source: justjared


Demi’s Back

Oh look Demi Lovato is out and about. She looks great!! Hope she can snap back and get back to work.

source: justjared


Single Girl Story #5

You know what’s awkward? When you discover the guy you have been dating and talking to is secretly in love with your best friend. You have no idea about this until you see the two of them together for the first time and you realize…yup…he has been in love with her and still is. He’s using me to get to her. 


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