If you google “Lady Gaga with fans” you’ll find this:


If you google “Katy Perry with fans” you’ll find this:


If you google “Britney Spears with fans” you’ll find this:


and if you google “Beyonce with fans” You come across this:


But if you google “Christina Aguilera with fans” you find this;


Lololol it took me a minute and then I laughed so hard.

It’s Happening!!!

I was at the gym at my apartment complex and secretly noticed as I was walking in that the hot guy was also working out. This is a hot guy I had been eyeing for MONTHS at the gym. And although I tried to smile at him any time I could or say hello… he was still very cold and just did not seem into me at all. I assumed he had a girlfriend or just wasn’t interested.

Well on this day I walked in and right away hot guy at the gym goes “I saw you driving the other day! I was right next to you in traffic!” The first sentence that started it all. We continued talking for about 10 minutes. Just about where we work, where we’re from, and rent prices in our area. He had just moved to my apartment complex 6 months ago…

Finally he was like “okay well, enjoy your workout.” and onto the treadmill I went. 30 minutes into my workout he starts to leave and he comes up to me and says, (I kid you not) “Sorry to interrupt your workout, but I’m wondering if I just met a beautiful attractive intelligent girl who is also single??”
My insides burst. LOL I couldn’t believe the HOT GUY FROM THE GYM was saying this to me. I smiled and laughed and told him I was single and he asked to exchange numbers. As he was leaving he told me to text him so once he was gone I wrote him “Hi it’s Tess. We met by the treadmill.” to which he replied “Do you know how many months I’ve wanted to talk to you??”

I mean……
Pause for reaction….

This is a guy I had told all my friends about jokingly. Every time I went to the gym and he was there I would immediately text my besties and be like “Hot guy was at the gym again. We didn’t talk.” So let’s just say it was pretty mind boggling that this whole time he was also into me…
And the rest is history….for now…

We’ve been hanging out non stop for the past week… I’m completely smitten and I’m just excited yet really nervous to see if this goes anywhere…







this is literally what’s going through my head when I’m at the gym I’m not even playing 

omg me



2001 vs. 2014

Still slaying.




Me every Sunday.


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