Oh heeeeeey. Justin Bieber’s music video teaser for ‘Boyfriend" is siiiiiiick.

He’s 18 now so I’m aloud to say he looks legit. 😉



“You may be feeling intimidated by something new in your life. This may be a relationship, a job, or a money matter. You probably feel unequipped to deal with all the details, or else you fear the burden of the associated responsibilities. But if you stop focusing on all the potential negatives and you turn your attention to all the potential positives instead you will become eager instead of hesitant or resentful. Let things unfold naturally without any preconceived ideas and you’ll find great reward.”

Never have I had a more spot on horoscope. Every time I’m feeling down about this current time in my life I read this over and over again and try to think positive.

Do you think Rihanna will look back on pictures of her hair color being this blonde and say “What was I thinking?”

I would.

source: justjared.com


Uggg Gossip Girl!! Hurry back!!! I’m dyinggggg.



Twitter Handle Personalized Name Pendants by Bauble Bar

I OBVIOUSLY need this. And if you share my avid love of Twitter, then you should probably treat yourself to one, too. I obsess over all things rose gold, so it will be my obvious color choice, but the personalized pendants, which arrive within 5 weeks of purchase, are also available in gold and silver.

#LeDuh #GetOnMyNeck #TweetMe #PlacingOrderASAP

What do we think of Camille Grammar’s new boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos? Hot or not?

I mean he’s definitely a step up from Kelsey Grammar that’s for sure.

source: usweekly.com


One Drink Date

What are your thoughts on a first date that only lasts 1 drink?

I pretty much set it up as a failure. ha

In my opinion, if you’re getting to know someone, it should definitely last longer than 1 drink (1 hour). The sign that someone is interested and the date is going well is when the bartender comes around and asks if you’d like another round and the both of you say yes.

Now I’m not saying the two of you should get trashed and have 3-4 drinks and start taking shots. Two drinks… maaaaybe 3 …means things are looking up!

I was recently on a date that was going pretty well for a first date. Conversation was flowing and there was an attraction. The only 2 elements you need on a first date. We both sipped our glasses of wine slowly and talked and talked and talked. I could have chugged it back in 20 minutes but I appreciated the fact that we were both taking our time. haha

But…the guy soon pulled the “I just found out I have to get some work done tonight.” and I became aware that this was his cop out; A reason to end the date early. This date would only be lasting for one drink.
I respect that he played it as slighly as he could and that he paid 😉
But girls out there should just know, if the date only lasts an hour, he’s just not that into you.

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