Last night’s episode of Gossip Girl was beyond amazing.


Kind of loving living on my own for the first time.

Ever since I turned 18 and was able to move out of my parents’ house I’ve had a roommate. I’ve gone from having 1 roommate to 20 roommates (sorority) to 3 roommates and back to 1. Almost 10 years later…I’m officialy in my very first 1 bedroom apartment. And it’s exciting!

It’s like a freedom. I know that every mess in the apartment is mine, I know that every tv show recorded on the dvr is mine, I know that all the food in the cabinets is mine… it’s very peaceful.

I swear….

Once I’m done moving into this new apartment and the most hectic month of my life is over I will start blogging again. 🙂

And… I’m dead. So so funny.


Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Country Station K105 FM presents, “Sh*t Taylor Swift Says”


It’s my birthday today!!!!!!


Ohhhhhh the humor!! So funny!!!! Watch! 




World was on fire, no one could save me but you.

Wicked Game – James Vincent McMorrow


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