Skinny Fat

“Babe, I weighed myself this morning and I’m down to 189. Skinny fat! haha!” – This is what my boyfriend texted me today.

He is dropping pounds left and right since we started dating. And I’m here, not losing anything! You may recall when I blogged about The Boyfriend Diet 3 years ago.
Turns out….that diet doesn’t work on me anymore. Darnit! The rumors are true. Once you feel comfortable with a guy and you know he loves you no matter what, you don’t feel that pressure to eat like a bird around him.

I’m happy that he’s losing weight. Good for him 🙂 And I want to look my best for him as well. So it’s important to at least get your workouts in weekly so you don’t gain A TON of weight because you’re so comfortable with him. This is what I keep reminding myself every day.

You’re probably wondering how my morning workouts have been going. Well…haven’t started yet. BUT! I swear I am going to. Starting tomorrow! Saturday! lol

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