Happy Valetine’s Day!!


This is the first year ever I’ve got to experience Valentine’s Day with someone special. Every year this day would really get me down and depress me. Luckily I always had the love of my friends to remind me how much I am loved and this holiday is stupid and not to feel down. I’m so grateful for all my friends who helped me get thru Single Awareness Day year after year.
And now! FINALLY! I’m sharing the hallmark-made-day of love with a man I love very much.
I hope and wish the rest of my readers are surrounded by love in one way or another. Either by family, friends, significant other or even your pets haha
Love you all! xoxo

I hate this day. I really really do. And I know there are other things in life that could be worse. And I’m young single and still have hope. But still. Valentines Day sucks!!!!!!!!! I hate it I hate it I hate it. And social media just makes it worse. Can you imagine a day when girls didnt have FB or instagram to show off the flowers they receive? Whatever did they do?!?! Yes I’m bitter…yes when I have a bf and he sends me flowers I will post pics of them on social media…but as of now all I can do is hate on others. Cause I am a big ball of jealousy. Jealousy does not look good on me.

To make matters worse this morning I was browsing thru my instagram and both of the guys I used to date uploaded COLLAGES of them and their new girlfriends. It was only 10am. And this was GUYS doing this. What has the world come to? It felt like daggers to my heart. All I wanted to do was crawl up in a big ball and cry. My friend calls me an online cutter. And she’s probably right. Why torture myself like this?? So I did the best thing I could do and I unfollowed both of them on instagram and I promise to never look back! I know…hold your applause. Youre SO proud of me.

I refuse to look at any social media for the rest of the day. It’s a yucky world out there today. It’s overwhelming and does nothing but make me feel sad alone depressed and single. F*ck Valentines Day.

Valentines Day

Ohhhhhh Valentines Day…the one day of the year where as a single girl you REALLY feel the pang of being single. Such a stupid holiday. And I’m not just saying that because I’m bitter and single… okay maybe I am. 

Just kidding…it’s fine. I guess couples should have one day out of the year to be required to give gifts and express how much their significant other means to them. I’m sure it’s all very warm and fuzzy feeling. 

I spent Valentines Day this year with an ex. Not an official ex but with a guy I used to date years ago. And it was honestly a really fun evening. I remembered why I had fallen for him back in the day. Just his subtle sense of humor and how he could always make me laugh. And the fact that he’s completely my type. It was nice sharing the day with someone even if it was all very casual. 

I stayed very far away from the spirit of VDay this year. It helped that I didnt have to walk around campus and see all the decorations and girls carrying around flowers from their boyfriends. And I also didn’t have to be at work seeing flowers and chocolates being delivered to the other woman. The day didn’t even phase me, thankfully.

I hope my fellow single girls out there didn’t get too depressed over it. The 24 hour Single Awareness Day is over and we can all go back to living our fabulous lives and not think twice about it.