My boyfriend reads my blog.

I asked him not to from the moment we started dating. Because I don’t want my current boyfriend reading posts about the past guys I’ve dated. I just don’t find that healthy or necessary. But he found my blog, and read all my posts about a certain ex.

This is kind of like that episode of Sex and the City where Big read’s Carrie’s book and he just wants to sit and talk about all the ways he’s hurt her.  And she’s like “No no! It’s fine! Honestly! I’m fine now!”

Well it’s like that for me only he wants to talk about all my feelings I had for an ex and I want to be like “No really! It’s fine! Those feelings are gone. You are all I care about or see now.  No need to bring up the past!”

No matter what I say or do, I can’t convince him to trust me and to believe that I dont have feelings for anyone else but him.

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