New Trailer for GIRLS- Season 4

A new trailer for GIRLS – Season 4 is here and it looks very promising!!!


Another new trailer for Girls Season 4 is here and it looks very promising!!!


GIRLS is back! Check out the brand new trailer for season 3!!

January 12th can’t come soon enough!!


Another new trailer for HBO’s Girls Season 2.

Love this show. Hurry and go watch season 1 if you havent yet.

Lena Dunham is the shit.


I just randomly came across this HBO special called “Madonna of the Mills”. I had no idea what it was about but automatically, I was hooked. It’s a documentary about puppy mills. Please don’t buy your dogs in pet stores. Go to your local animal shelter and adopt. There is nothing more sad than seeing a dog who has come from a puppy mill and has lived its’ life in a cage and is deathly afraid of everything. They don’t deserve that. Not only that but nearly 100% of dogs you get from a puppy mill and pet store have some sort of disease.

You can watch the trailer above of the documentary and visit the website here