Chanel and I are both exhausted from the excitement of Taylor Swifts new album coming out today!




I mean…..


Two kittens rock out to “Turn Down For What”.

Omg… my day is made!


This poor kitty just wants to eat its meatballs but the mean owner keeps turning on the treadmill!! I need a mean owner to do this to me when I’m trying to eat. lol

This is so funny. But sad. Poooor kitty is SO confused. lolol


The ADORABLE grumpy cat went on a fun filled day to Disneyland yesterday. And this little video is just too funny and too cute for words. I love how Grumpy cat just chills. My cat would be running all over the place. It’s just so funny. I love the part where grumpy cat has a little chat with Grumpy Dwarf. hahahaha

Just watch.


Sometimes annoying articles go viral and it seems everyone on your FB feed is sharing it so you should click and read it.
Like this one for instance: This Recently Married Man Just Realized that Marriage Is Not For Him. Deceiving title that makes you want to click to find out why he realized this! Then you start reading it only to disappointingly find out it’s actually a love story.  He talks about how one needs to be selfless in a relationship and realize that they are not marrying for themselves but for their partner instead! It’s all about making their partner happy! ( Don’t guys think this anyway when it comes to marriage? haha)

Thankfully Buzzfeed came along and wrote an even BETTER article in rebuttal of this guy’s blog. And it’s filled with cat photos so it’s pretty much amazing.

Me when I get home from a stressful day at work.


Me every night before bed.


When I see a hot guy I’m like heeyyyyyy.


What I look like when I leave the animal shelter. hahaha



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