Sometimes annoying articles go viral and it seems everyone on your FB feed is sharing it so you should click and read it.
Like this one for instance: This Recently Married Man Just Realized that Marriage Is Not For Him. Deceiving title that makes you want to click to find out why he realized this! Then you start reading it only to disappointingly find out it’s actually a love story.  He talks about how one needs to be selfless in a relationship and realize that they are not marrying for themselves but for their partner instead! It’s all about making their partner happy! ( Don’t guys think this anyway when it comes to marriage? haha)

Thankfully Buzzfeed came along and wrote an even BETTER article in rebuttal of this guy’s blog. And it’s filled with cat photos so it’s pretty much amazing.

I’m a sucker for over the top romantic marriage proposals. When I heard about this 27 minute long proposal I was hoping for something epic and worth the 27 minutes.

I’m just not sure how I feel about it. It has sweet and touching moments but for some reason the whole time I felt like he was just doing all of this because he’s more in love with himself than anything. Even at the end he goes “None of this was for you. You don’t care about that stuff. That was for me.”

Seriously?!?! Then why on earth did you propose like that?? Odd odd odd. When you have some time, watch for yourself and see what you think.


How To Politely React To Your Friend’s Terrible Engagement

hahahah Too funny


And in other random ass news….

Avril Lavigne is engaged to Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger. 

Say whaaaaaa? I didnt even know they were dating!!!!! She dated Brody for years and never got engaged to him but wants to marry this guy?? That girl is cray. Apparently they  have been dating for about 6 months while he was helping her write songs for her new album. This will last 72 days. For sure. 



It was announced today that the man I spent most of my teenage years obsessing over is now engaged to Jessica Biel.

Con-grat-u-fu*kin-lations. I think we can all agree that this marriage will last a lifetime and they’ll spend a long long long happy life together.

For. Sure.

This CANNOT be happening!!!! Justin Timberlake is not ready for marriage. Nothing about him screams, I am ready to settle down. This is the old classic case of the woman threatening to leave him if he doesnt propose, so he does it because he loves her and doesnt want to lose her. Not because he himself wants to get married. 10 million dollars says they dont even make it down the aisle. 🙂


Okay this is a big DUH. I’m just glad someone is actually brave enough to speak up and admit it.


Word on the street is Kim Kardashian has been “fighting bitterly” with her husband Kris Humphries, and that Kris told Kim that he’s “tired of faking it for TV”. Here’s the best part: Kim’s mom Kris Jenner is now demanding that the newlyweds “cool it” because “it may damage…

ENTERTAIN ME: Kim Kardashian Is About To Be Single