Favorite Websites

It’s been awhile since I updated ya’ll on some of my favorite websites/blogs.
These sites I check daily for inspiration, fashion tips and beauty tips. Enjoy!

Sometimes annoying articles go viral and it seems everyone on your FB feed is sharing it so you should click and read it.
Like this one for instance: This Recently Married Man Just Realized that Marriage Is Not For Him. Deceiving title that makes you want to click to find out why he realized this! Then you start reading it only to disappointingly find out it’s actually a love story.¬† He talks about how one needs to be selfless in a relationship and realize that they are not marrying for themselves but for their partner instead! It’s all about making their partner happy! ( Don’t guys think this anyway when it comes to marriage? haha)

Thankfully Buzzfeed came along and wrote an even BETTER article in rebuttal of this guy’s blog. And it’s filled with cat photos so it’s pretty much amazing.

Favorite Websites

Here are a few of my favorite websites that I like to check out on the regular. Thought my readers might enjoy them too!

Cupcakes and Cashmere – You may have already heard of Emily Schuman but she is definitely an inspiration. Great outfit/fashion tips, DIY for your home and also great recipes. Looking at her blog makes you realize you definitely arent doing enough in life. haha

What Courtney Wore – I absolutely LOVE Courtney Kerr. You may remember her from the Bravo show Most Eligible Dallas. She got her own spin-off on Bravo titled Courtney Loves Dallas and I believe it premieres in the next month or so. Not only does she give you amazing fashion tips, but she puts links under each outfit so you can buy the items, or items like it.

WhenInLA – those who live in Los Angeles can appreciate this blog. Although it seems the creator hasnt been updating as often as she used to. When she is updating, it’s hilarious.

My Friends Are Married – every single gal’s dream blog. Hilarious and always spot on.

Lost Angeles – This is a newbie I stumbled across when I was reading The Bachelor episode recaps. It seems blogger Zack Jerome is much more than just a Bachelor writer (according to this article) but that’s all I use him for . haha¬†

Blogs From The Bar

Sometimes when I’m out dancing, drinking, flirting….whichever it may be…I find myself coming up with great blog ideas that I make a mental note to myself to write about later. I was out dancing last night with friends, and it honestly felt like my brain was being overwhelmed with amazing blogging topics. So much so, I decided to pull out my iphone and make a “note” for all these genius blogs.

This morning as I was going through my phone I remembered this note and decided to see what I had come up with. (Because yes, I was a tad tipsy and couldn’t remember exactly the next day) Here are the two ideas I had jotted down while at the club on the dance floor:

1.) Hair behind your ears
2.) Being over dancing

Oh good. As you can see…both great topics. hahaha I am so weird sometimes.