11 Year Old Girl KILLS It Dancing to ‘Anaconda’

Dangggggg this 11 year old girl be killin it!!!

Blogs From The Bar

Sometimes when I’m out dancing, drinking, flirting….whichever it may be…I find myself coming up with great blog ideas that I make a mental note to myself to write about later. I was out dancing last night with friends, and it honestly felt like my brain was being overwhelmed with amazing blogging topics. So much so, I decided to pull out my iphone and make a “note” for all these genius blogs.

This morning as I was going through my phone I remembered this note and decided to see what I had come up with. (Because yes, I was a tad tipsy and couldn’t remember exactly the next day) Here are the two ideas I had jotted down while at the club on the dance floor:

1.) Hair behind your ears
2.) Being over dancing

Oh good. As you can see…both great topics. hahaha I am so weird sometimes.

If you’ve been playing Justin Bieber’s new song “Boyfriend” on repeat like me, or just obsessed with talented dancers, you will definitely appreciate this youtube video. The choreography is siiiiiick.

So good. Even Bieber himself tweeted out the link to this vid. 🙂


My second favorite performance from last night’s show was Mike Chang’s solo to West Side Story’s “Cool” . So freaking good!! He nailed it perfectly. I loved the dancing…I loved the song. It reminds me of doing West Side Story in high school, only we were never as good as this. haha

I also loved Mike Chang’s storyline last night and what the writers did with it. It could have gone two different ways and I’m glad they went with him choosing his dream, and that his mom was supportive. Yay!


Why I will always love Demi Lovato. Girl can werk it!!! 


The choreography version of Britney Spears’ Till The World Ends music video is out!! And I’m not gonna lie…I actually really like it!!! It’s fun to just see simple shots and not always going back and forth from the different story lines. This video allows us to just focus on her. I like the original better..but this is very good too.


Oh this is fun. Comparing Britney Spears’ dancing skills… Then and Now.

source: www.popeater.com