11 Year Old Girl KILLS It Dancing to ‘Anaconda’

Dangggggg this 11 year old girl be killin it!!!

Dannnnng this 11 year old girl be killin it!!!


Ellen Degeneres is the best human on earth. This Halloween costume is hilarious!!!!!! I die. Freaking love her.


2012 MTV VMAs

So I have this really bad cold and I’m supposed to be leaving for Vegas for the weekend tomorrow at 3. Which means I should go to bed right now (10pm) so I can hopefully sleep the sickness away and be all great by tomorrow. But here is a real quick recap on my thoughts of the MTV Video Music Awards tonight. Hopefully Monday I’ll come back and do a real recap!

Rihanna’s performance was great! I noticed at the end when the cameras panned over to Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Wayne none of them were really clapping. Awwwkard. (I also later read on Perez that Nicki Minaj told Rihanna to sit the f*ck down later in the show when she tried to hug her. Hmmmm)

P!nk KILLED her performance. It should have been the finale. It had all the right elements.

Chris Brown was there…looking all cocky and asshole like. Uggg. Everyone just seemed so serious this VMA show. The only people having fun were Katy Perry and Rihanna. I loved it every time the cameras panned over to them. I just wish they would have shown other people in the audience just as much too. Maybe everyone looked so bored so they just stuck to these two. Who knows.

I have never heard of 2 Chainz before tonight but I liked his performance. I got to bring out my gangsta side a bit while I watched… And Lil Wayne coming out on a skateboard? Love him!!

Robert Patinson looked awful tonight!! Why does he LOVE to look awful? It’s annoying. He can be so much hotter. And how awkward is it that so many of the Twilight cast was there but noooo Kristen Stewart. Awkward Awkward. Even that guy that plays Jasper was there! 

Taylor Swift gave an awesome finale performance!!  I thought it was fun and cute and she sounded great. And she wasn’t wearing an annoying dress. She looked hot in shorts! And can we discuss at the end when they showed Taylor Lautner smiling and clapping for her? Awww I will always ship those two!! Taylor Squared forever!

The end. Those are my thoughts. I’m glad I was able to fast forward through the commercials or who KNOWS if I would have lasted for the whole show. Goodnight to me and let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this cold is gone tomorrow!

I cannot get enough of Sophia Grace and Rosie. They are just too funny!!

They came back to the Ellen Show today and performed Nicki Minaj’s new single “Starships” and like always.. Sophia Grace was spot on. She is SO talented. But not only talented…they just CRACK me up. And the way Ellen feeds off of them is just hilarious. Watch the video above.