I’m so stoked MTV is doing a second season of Ke$ha’s ‘My Crazy Beautiful Life’. The first season was really good and who doesnt enjoy seeing behind the scenes footage of today’s biggest pop star?

Yay Ke$ha! Love her!


I freaking LOVE MTV’s documentaries and their latest one ‘Miley: The Movement’ is no exception. Stoked to see this. Watch the trailer above.

“You’re always going to make people talk. You might as well make them talk for like…. 2 weeks…rather than 2 seconds.”


Miley’s Cray Cray VMA Performance


Okay, besides JT’s performance I feel everyone is talking about this Miley and Robin Thicke performance.

Now, I am a Miley fan. I LOVE We Cant Stop and I know I’m probably going to love her whole album – Bangerz. But this performance was just too much. She was being as inappropriate as she could so she could look edgy, sexy and different. But it just came off as embarrassing and tacky. Really gross. I cringed and laughed the whole time.


Let’s Discuss JC During NSync Reunion

Let's Discuss JC During NSync Reunion

A few things I want to giggle about regarding NSync’s reunion:

Why did JC sing “baby baby baby” at the end?? Is he so desperate to prove his talent that he was trying to show the world that he is just as good as Justin? Or was he just so caught up in the moment he didnt want it to end?? I know I didnt want it to end. It was way too short!!

Yes Joey and Chris have gained a few lbs but at least they were cool enough to show up and dance around. They made all their fans so happy tonight by following through with it.

Lance was just like “hey guys. I’m gay, I’m cool, and comfortable in my own skin now. This performance is easy breezy!” lol Love him.




Ladies and gentlemen… the most epic thing we’ll probably see in the next 10 years. Where do I even begin?!?!

Justin Timberlake performed a mini concert at tonight’s MTV VMAs and I’ve watched it over and over again and it just gets better the more you watch. Trust me, this is not a performance you want to see just once. It’s beyond.

Not only did JT sing every single one of his hits BUT NSync made an appearance and performed a few hits as well!! OMG. Can’t even express how I felt when NSync came on stage together. It was like all that passion and love I had for them back in the day came rushing back and I was overcome by emotion. I cried. I balled. It was embarrassing.

I’m actually watching the performance again as I blog this and it’s epic. I wish I was there. I can’t even imagine the energy and excitement in the room.


At Least Rihanna Showed Up

At Least Rihanna Showed Up

I’m so glad Rihanna showed up at the VMAs tonight. She was basically just there to judge everyone and I love her for it.

I think she was super high and just chillin out. lol

source: Jeff Kravitz, Kevin Mazur; Photos: Wire Image, Film Magic


Bruno Mars Performs New Single ‘Gorilla’ at the VMAs

Another favorite performance of the night was Bruno Mars!! He sang his new single Gorilla and it was visually amazing and his voice has never sounded so good. I’m stoked he made this his next single. It’s my favorite song off his album.


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