Single Girl Story #12

There comes a time in every gal’s life where she is faced with seeing an ex at a bar… with his new girlfriend.

It’s not a moment anyone wishes to go through but sometimes it just happens and you have to face it. So what does one do when such a moment occurs?? Asks her good looking single guy friend to pretend to be her boyfriend, duh!!

I don’t know why in the moment I thought it was a good idea. I just didn’t  want to walk by him and be like “oh hiiii. Here you are with your new girlfriend. That’s cool. I’m here alone, still single.”
It took some persuading to get my guy friend to agree to be my boyfriend. He wanted to do a walk by with just his arm around me and I said “No!! We have to be holding hands! That is official bf gf status.” He replied with “I hate holding hands. I never hold my girlfriend’s hand.” and I said “Well maybe that’s why you’re still single.” Luckily after seeing my distress, he agreed to do a walk by and hold my hand. So off we went…hand in hand… oh so casually to walk by my ex. The first time around, we looked straight ahead and didn’t even look his way. We stopped at the other end of the bar, giggled about it, then waited a few minutes before we walked back.

As we walked back again hand in hand this time the ex and I made eye contact. And I greeted him with a smile and said hello. And I think he gave me a hug? I don’t know, I was so nervous I blacked out. Then he introduced me to his girlfriend and I smiled and shook her hand, Then he introduced himself to my “boyfriend” and they shook hands. And that was it. My pretend boyfriend and I walked way together. Mission accomplished!!!!

Just another day in the tortuous life of a single girl. *sigh*

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