I bought Taylor Swift’s new album today. I could not WAIT to hear new music from her. She is one artist I truly respect and when I got the chance to see her live at the Staples Center for her Fearless tour…I’m not kidding I cried when she came out. I’ve never felt that way about an artist ever. 

Knowing that her songs were written by her from personal experiences just make the songs more likeable. So here’s my review of her new album -Speak Now.

Back To December- one of my favorite songs on the album. We all know this was written for Taylor Lautner who she dated briefly.  She’s obviously sad about the way she ended things with him. It breaks my heart to hear the lyrics in this song “it turns out freedom aint nothing but missing you, wishing I’d realized what I had when you were mine”

Dear John- I don’t think anyone knew that she and John Mayer had dated. But now we do! haha Anyone can relate to this song because it’s about being so crazy in love with someone and that person makes you so happy one minute and so heart broken the next. “You paint me a blue sky then go back and turn it to rain” 

The Story of Us- also about John Mayer. Even though this song is about her seeing him at the CMT Awards, I love it so much because I’ve been there. When you’re standing in a room with a guy you’ve dated, wondering if he’s thinking of you…both playing this game of ‘I dont care about you anymore’, and all you want to do is run up to them and tell them you love them.

Better Than Revenge- about Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle. LOVE this song. It’s fun and angry, and if I was Camilla I’d be PISSED. But as Taylor says in her lyrics “you might have him but I always get the last word” Girls everywhere wish they could tell their ex’s new girlfriend off. 

I could go on and on about every song on the album, but the point is…every song is amazing. Each song is about a moment in her life when she wished she would have just spoken up in the moment. All real and true feelings. I won’t be listening to anything else for the next few weeks. ❤


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