Single Girl Story #3

Heard from the boy I dated like 10 months ago last night. It had been almost 5 months since I heard even a peep out of him. Just as any single girl who’s been hurt by a former guy should, I had deleted his phone number from my phone months ago. I didnt want to be tempted to text him or call him and regret it the next day. Also I didnt want to look back at ALL the cute text messages we shared back and forth, so I deleted all of those too. So when I got a text from him last night I had NO clue who it was. I answered with “Sorry, who’s this?” In which he replied his name. Shock, excitement, anger, and butterfiles all came over me at once.

Not one to ever hold a grudge against a guy (which I probably should but I think I’m just too weak or too nice) I wrote him back and kept it casual and friendly. The conversation was quick and nothing to get excited about. But I am left here wondering why after 5 months of nothing, he decided to reach out to me now? Boys are so weird. They are very odd creatures. I will never understand them.

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