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Gossip Girl Post!!!

Oh gosh we must discuss!!!! I am so on board with Dan and Blair dating. They are so so so so cute together!! I know there are a million Chuck and Blair fans out there (of course I am one too. Hello Season 4 Episode 2: Most intense Chuck and Blair episode EVER. Has my heart) But I can’t help but admit I enjoy seeing a new fresh relationship.

Chair fans need to relax and just let the writers play out this Dair relationship and I promise…when all is said and done Chuck and Blair will end up together and it will be magical!

Dear Gossip Girl..

You KILL me!!! Uggggg tonight’s finale killed me. *sigh* And none of my friends watch this show so I have no one to discuss it with!! Torture I tell ya. 

Anywhoo…tonight’s finale was pretty awesome. There were some cheesy parts but we’ll ignore those. Basically…my heart is BROKEN because just when you think Chuck and Blair will get back together THEY DONT. *sigh* Why can’t Chuck just always be mature nice Chuck and the two of them can live happily ever after? Leave the drama to the other characters. 

I really thought the finale would end with snaps of Blair and Dan’s past kisses. THAT would have been amazing. Since the writers purposely never showed them actually kissing..it would have been perfect to show them and end the finale there.

I think we’ll see a real relationship happen between Dan and Blair in season 5. Now that Chuck and Blair are finally dunzo. This whole Blair becoming a princess and marrying the prince is bull crap. By the time season 5 starts they will have already broken up. Now I just need to forget about Gossip Girl and have a wonderful summer and before I know it September will be here and season 5 can start!

Sorry everyone… I dont think DAIR is going to happen. You can tell the Gossip Girl writers don’t want to go there because they want Chuck and Blair to be the only possibility in the end. The promos hint that Dan and Blair are going to be very short lived. It’s going to come down to the Prince or Chuck.
The writers messed up by getting everyone excited about Dan and Blair but I dont think it’s going to happen. If they knew Gossip Girl could continue for at least 3 more seasons I think they’d write them into a serious relationship…but since they dont even know if they’ll be able to return for another season…they just can’t go there. We all know Chuck and Blair will end up together in the end.