Okay I decided if you could zoom into the audience on the left…you could probably see me during Lil Wayne’s performance. hahahha It’s just impossible to try to find myself given the camera angles.

Anywhoo… Lil Wayne’s performance was probably my favorite performance of the night. Why? Because it’s Lil Wayne! Who doesn’t love him right now? I’m obsessed with his “How To Love” song and he killed it at the end. I’m glad I was there live so I got to hear the whole version and not this bleeped out mess MTV aired.



Speak Now

I went to the Taylor Swift concert in Los Angeles Friday night. I had been waiting for this night for MONTHS. I seriously bought my tickets 6 months ago? I thought this day would never come.

The concert was everything I had hoped it would be. Words can’t express how much her concert meant to me. When there’s a music artist where every song touches your heart in one way or another…and you listen to their songs over and over again…when you get to see that person perform live, the feeling is so overwhelming. And Taylor Swift doesnt just stand up there with a guitar and sing…she puts on a magical theatrical show. Even if you arent a Taylor fan, if you were to experience her concert…you would walk away entranced and impressed.

My favorite songs of the night were Dear John, Last Kiss, Better Than Revenge, Love Story, Fifteen, Speak Now, Back To December… okay so pretty much the whole concert. I didnt know what to expect when she performed Dear John..and I had not watched any spoilers because I wanted the experience to be an absolute surprise to me. But Dear John (song she wrote to John Mayer after they dated) was SO heart wrenching. She stood up there and during the ending lyrics of “I’m shining like fireworks over your sad empty town” she let off actual fireworks at the show. It was a breathtaking moment.

Every song, every set and every dress she came out in was so amazing. As she walked out into the audience and gave her fans hugs, autographs and handshakes, you couldnt help but feel goosebumps and in my case…start to cry. haha I was emotional through probably 70% of the show. Her songs hit home, they touch you, and to see her live…is absolutely emotional. I love her so much. More than I’ve ever loved any other artist. And I think it’s because I know that every lyric she sings is something that has actually happened to her personally and they are her true feelings and experiences. When you listen to a music artist knowing that, it’s so touching.

All and all her concert was amazing (clearly) and I can’t wait to go to all her other ones in the future!



HAHAHA I really needed this 😀


And this would be Jay Z’s reaction to Chris Brown’s performance at the VMAs. hahahahahhahahaha Love him!


Oh em gee. Lady Gaga lighting Adele’s cigarette in the middle of the VMAs??! I die. lol 


Can we discuss…

where everyone went after the VMAs tonight? The Taylor Swift concert!!  Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, Ashley Green, Reese Witherspoon, Parachute, Nicki Minaj, Ellen Digeneres…and more!


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