Last Kiss is just so beautiful lyrically and emotionally. If you just listen to her words really carefully, you’ll begin to tear up because of how much emotion she put into that song. Last Kiss will always be one of my favorite songs she’s ever written.


everything is blue



Favorite Lyrics

One of my favorite T Swift lyrics



“We did a screen test and so, they brought in cameras, and then there were four Jims and four Pams, and we got mix-and-matched. Every time I was matched with John, it was so easy and it just was so natural. On the second day, of auditions he leaned over to me and he said, ‘You’re my favorite Pam.’ And I said, ‘You’re my favorite Jim! Oh my gosh! I hope we both get it!’ So, when they called me and said that I got the role, I said, ‘Who’s Jim? Please say John Krasinski.’ They said, ‘Yes, it’s John Krasinski.’ And I knew. I started to cry and I knew that the two of us together… I couldn’t be Pam without him. He’s my Jim. He just is.”

Jenna Fischer


Weekend Post 

Happy Friday everyone!!! This picture sums up my weekend plans.

It’s creepy, the picture I found of the girl bike riding on the beach, actually looks like me! Weiiiiird. haha

Tonight Will and I are going to see the movie Inside Out. I am so SO excited about this movie. The movie trailer for it just looks hilarious!

Tomorrow we are celebrating Will’s 30th birthday with friends. I did our own couple-y thing on his actual birthday, so Saturday will be a big party with all his friends. We are going bike riding on the beach/bar hopping during the day. Then we are having a party at a restaurant in Santa Monica at night.

Sunday will most likely be chilling out on the couch recovering from Saturday. Who doens’t love a lazy Sunday??


Four months since the day one, four months of us dying every second, four month of probably the last of her relationships, four month of Calvin making Taylor happier than she already was, four month of Tayvin ❤️






Please spread this



Happy Weekend!!!

Hello everyone! So I just glanced at my blog real quick and soon realized all my posts have been about Taylor Swift lately. Oops! haha Sorry!!!

I’ve just (once again) had no time to write, and TSwift is all over my tumblr lately so I just reblog reblog reblog!

I just wanted to check in and say hello and promise some new life posts are coming soon!

Currently: going to a Dodgers/Giants game tonight with Will for his birthday. On Friday nights they have fireworks so that’s fun! Fingers crossed we a) dont get beat up because my bf will be wearing Giants gear and b) get on the kiss cam! Always a dream of mine…
Currently: very much in love with Will. He is my LIFE and I am just in total bliss! ❤
Currently: flying to San Jose early tomorrow morning to celebrate my bff’s 30th birthday
Currently: still overweight af but working out here and there. I swear I will be on more of an actual workout schedule soon. SWEAR! i just got back from a 7 day vacation and now that it’s over I can focus!
Currently: loving this LA weather. I think June Gloom may be over and summer is officially here!!!

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