Katy Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Well well…. let’s discuss!! Katy Perry performed at this year’s Super Bowl half time show and in my opinion, she did not disappoint. When she came out on that puppet lion thing I was immediately like “Oh my god. This is pretty freaking awesome.” My dream now is to ride one of those things lip-syncing “Roar.” Bucket list! lol

I feel like she did an AMAZING job with the visuals and the different themes of each song were really fun. During the California Girls number I was a little weirded out by the dancing beach balls and sharks. It seemed super cheesy for a halftime show. BUT… after re-watching and also seeing all the hype and love of those two sharks… I have to admit I am now a fan of that number. Bless those sharks. They were so adorable and funny. lol 

Katy Perry flew over the audience in the end while singing Firework….and though this is done a lot at pop concerts these days… I’m not sure if it’s ever been done at a Superbowl Halftime show. And I LOVED it. 

Oh yes and Missy Elliot…how could we forget Missy??! Such a random guest. But it worked. People loved seeing and hearing her old hits. I personally was kinda like ehhh about it but I know from reviews and posts, the majority of people loved seeing Missy.

This is one of my favorite halftime shows in a LONG time. I feel like Katy Perry really nailed it.  


Halftime show

I didnt see a Taylor Swift dig during the halftime show. Did anyone??


Oh Super Bowl… one of my favorite holidays. I really love Super Bowl Sunday because I love watching football…and I love the excitement and energy of it all. Usually I go to a big party or a packed bar and just enjoy getting Sunday drunk. 

This year….won’t be as crazy, and I’m happily fine with that too. I’ll be spending Sunday lounging on the couch with my boyfriend and his family in Rio Vista, CA. His mom makes THE BEST appetizers so I am beyond stoked to just veg out and eat yummy food. 

Katy Perry is the half time performance so that in itself is exciting!! I’m nervous to see what she does to get back at Taylor Swift during her performance. Because she has made it clear she is going to. Blah! Stupid feud. Hate it.

I dont really care for either team but because I despise the Seahawks I’ll be rooting for the Patriots. Woo!! Yay football!!


I think people, when truly motivated by the right reasons, can change

my good friend


I’m training for a 10K on March 22!!

I started officially training this week. I took a break from working out since like…. June of 2014. haha So it’s going to be slow getting back into it. But I’m excited about working out again and getting back in shape. 
First day of training I ran about half a mile straight without stopping. Terrible…I know. But then day 2 of training I did 1 mile straight without stopping. So… I know in time my distance will improve. 
I’ll keep you posted on how the training goes.

Right now I’ve been running on the treadmill at the gym, which I really hate. All I can think about is that I’m running when I’m on that thing. I prefer to run outside. But since it’s dark when I get off work, I can only do the weekends outside. 
Okay I’ve babbled enough. Cheers to getting back in shape!!



Maleficent (2014)

I really LOVED this movie


I’m REALLY obsessed with this bathroom makeover

the HUNTED INTERIOR: Black & White Bathroom Makeover


Gosh… I wish I would have known this could happen when I first moved to LA. I had lived in Nevada my whole life, and always suffered with acne. But when I moved to Los Angeles, my skin reacted the worst I had ever seen it! I got cystic acne all over my cheeks and before I even had time to realize what was happening…the damage was done and now I’m left with terrible acne scars on my face. :-/
It’s not fun friends!! Click the link for more info.

How Moving To A New City Affects Your Skin


This just made my Monday.


I thought this link was a good read today. It’s reassuring to know that all couples have their own problems. I know I’m discovering that my boyfriend and I do.
But it’s all about working together to try to improve and making the effort to work through those problems and make the changes necessary.

The Secret Problems of Other Couples


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