Beyonce Inspire


Beyoncé photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue Magazine September 2015




August 2nd, 2009. Clubbing in Los Angeles


Taylor Swift, I’m going to your concert in LA Saturday night!!! I cannot wait! I love you so much! And I’m bringing my boyfriend because it’s our 1 year anniversary. What perfect timing right?? 🙂 🙂 taylorswift


“Boys want love if it’s torture, but real men want you to text them back. Honestly. The way you can tell the boys from the men is how they react when you don’t play games with them. A boy will become bored. A man will want to get to know you more. Everyone wants a challenge, but you shouldn’t have to completely manipulate your communication style in order to seem like one. Your conversation, your outlook, your wit, your accomplishments, your charisma, those things should challenge him. Any MAN knows that if you’re showing him all of those qualities, you could just as easily show them to someone else if he plays games. You know what they say, play games with a girl, she’ll chase you. Play games with a woman, she will replace you.”


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