Speaking of the 50 Shades of Grey trailer (see post below) if Charlie Hunnam would have stayed on the film, this would be a taste of what he would look and act like as that character.


He’s just so HOT. This is what I wanted to feel when I saw the trailer this morning, but just didnt. 

Charlie Hunnam is just SO HOT. Perfection. Watch a really interesting interview with him here where he discusses why he had to back out of the film. Sad. 😦


The best buzzfeed every written in the history of the land. I love Jax Teller so much. #SOA

Community Post: 31 Reasons Jax Teller Is Your Perfect Man


The new Christina Grey of 50 Shades of Grey has been cast!!!
His name is Jamie Dornan and he’s a super hot Irish actor.
I dont know a thing about him. All I have to go on is this link buzzfeed did about him that shows a million hot photos.

Even though Charlie Hunnam was my #1 choice and I’m beyond devastated he dropped out of the role, I can get on board with this guy taking over. I’m glad they cast a good looking unknown actor.

No one will ever compare to Charlie Hunnam and bring to the role the hotness and perfection that he would have but what can ya do?


Seriously, if it wasn’t for buzzfeed.com I would have NEVER known that Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott Eastwood, is SUPER FREAKING HOT.

He is gorgeous! Perfection. Who knew?!?!


When I see a hot guy I’m like heeyyyyyy.


Why oh why does Ryan Gosling make movies that I would never ever want to go see? Yet because he is in them and looks like perfection on a plate I feel like I must go see it???

Check out the trailer for Only God Forgives above and you’ll see what I’m saying.


Jenny McCarthy looked HOT at the Billboard Music Awards tonight. It’s worth a post. 

source: justjared


Here is Channing Tatum leaving the gym in a bro hat. 


Zac Efron is HOT!

Have you guys seen Zac Efron’s new commercial for John John Denim?

No? Well you’re in luck. I’ve got it for you here. Prepare to swoon. Too much sexiness going on there. 


Hi, I’m Zac Efron and I’m the hottest guy…in..the…world…


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