Oh my gosh!

I miss blogging! I feel like I’ve been slacking. It was a busy weekend…and work is so busy I’m not able to sneak onto tumblr and make a few postings.

So here I am…blogging at 12:30am when I should be sleeping. Just playin…we all know my bed time isn’t until 1am anyways.

My weekend was pretty amazing. Let’s discuss real quick. Friday night I went out with good friends in Hollywood…and let’s just say… I had a FABULOUS night. Maybe I’ll even have a “Single Girl Story” to follow… hehe

Saturday night I went to the LMFAO and Kesha concert. It was so much fun! It was straight party rockin for 3 hours. Everyone was on their feet dancing and partying the whole time. The energy was amazing. Not only that…after the concert I went to Kesha’s private after party in Burbank. Very odd crowd. But she looked pretty and simple and you could tell she was just excited to be in a chill setting surrounded by her close friends.
I am not a close friend…so she was probably wondering who the heck I was the whole time. But whatevs. It was an awesome Hollywood night where you dont crawl into bed till 4:30am and you fall asleep thinking “This is my life? I’ll take it.”

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