Elena: “How could you? My parents died going over this bridge! I almost died! You knew that. You’re the one who saved me.”

Stefan: “Look, he had to believe that I would do it, alright? Your fear sold him.”

Elena: “Well what if he hadn’t?”

Stefan: “He did.”

Elena: “Well what if he hadn’t?”

Stefan: “He did, Elena! He backed down! He has a weakness! If I know his weakness I can destroy him!”

Elena: “And after everything, that’s what mattered? Destroying Klaus?”

Stefan: “Destroying Klaus is all I have left.”

Elena: “You had me!”

Stefan: “I lost you the minute I left town with him. You just haven’t let yourself admit that yet.”

Elena: “Is that what you’re doing? Trying to make me hate you?”

Stefan: “I don’t really care what you think about me anymore, Elena.”

UGGG. This scene really broke my heart. Sad. Sad. Sad.


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