My Thoughts on the Rihanna/Chris Brown Collaboration

Last night the internet and radio stations BLEW up because Rihanna’s new single “Birthday Cake” was released as a remix with Chris Brown on the track. HUGE DEAL.

Because of course as we all remember, Chris Brown physically abused Rihanna back when they were dating years ago. So the fact that they have come together to release a song is something to be discusssed.

My thoughts: The single is hot. It’s a fun song with a sexy beat and Chris Brown’s voice seems to always make a song sound better. The two of them got the attention they wanted. Chris Brown gets to say “Look world! Rihanna has forgiven me, and you all should too!!"  and Rihanna gets to say "Everyone is talking about my new single! This dumb publicity worked!!” Because that’s what it is. Dumb publicity. Women, men, and fans everywhere supported Rihanna when that horrific incident happened and it’s like she’s slapping them all in the face by hanging out with him again and now putting him on her new single.

I understand that Chris Brown is INCREDIBLY talented. He is far too talented to just disappear off the face of the earth and never to come out again because he beat up Rihanna. I enjoy all his new music. Even when I wanted to boycott it and hate his music, I just couldn’t. He’s too talented. BUT! My problem with Chris Brown is as soon as all this went down, instead of coming out of it changed for the better, he came out of this more cocky and arrogant than ever. That just shows me he hasn’t learned his lesson and he hasn’t changed. He still has a lot of growing up to do. If he acted humble and gracious then maaaaaybe I could feel justified defending him and supporting his music again. But I can’t fully support him as a person or as an artist when he isn’t likeable. It’s very dissapointing that Rihanna would go this route.

Check out Rihanna’s new single in the post above featuring Chris Brown- “Birthday Cake”

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