Okay now that you’ve watched the video….this will make you want to watch it more!!!

Let’s check out all the hints that this single is about Taylor’s ex – Jake Gyllenhaul.
1.) The part in the video where Taylor and the bf are romantically walking through the forest could totally represent when Taylor and Jake went apple picking together back when they were dating.
2.) Him putting the scarf on her in the video… look! Taylor’s wearing Jake’s scarf one day when they were out and about.
3.) The bracelet Jake supposedly bought Taylor…she wears it in the video!
4.) Anddddddd… the glasses Taylor wears, we can clearly see above that Jake rocked at one point.

Man oh man…you think it’s just a silly music video…then fans come through with all these clues and you realize it’s SO much deeper than how it looks initially. 


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