Taylor Swift – Begin Again

I’m super depressed because I wrote a whole blog last night right when I was hearing this song for the first time. But because it was a “reblog” the original person must have deleted the audio…causing my blog to be deleted as well. So here we go: round 2

I’m completely in love with Taylor’s new song “Begin Again.” If you just sit there, turn it up and listen to the lyrics, it touches your heart. It’s amazing. The way she is with lyrics…I can’t even handle. So so good. The song is about going on a first date date after getting over a difficult breakup and feeling hope that just maybe you can “begin again” with someone new. It’s amazing. Just listen.

Fans are speculating that the song is about Will Anderson from the band Parachute. And the guy she is getting over in the song is Jake Gyllenhaal. A-mazing.


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